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  1. NOTE: You should add a spoiler tag or edit your 1st point As for other prep, I would also develop some boiler plate reasons for why various materials can't be requisitioned. I don't have the actual module, but from my memory, I would make sure you're up to date on the Traversal encounter rules. Good luck!
  2. As a backer, I have access to some of the missions and I was planning to take some of my peers through them as a preview of the system and perhaps a switch from DnD for our group. In thinking about this, however, I could not find any information on how to register an official session, create the mission link, or much of anything about the underlying systems of reporting. Thus my title line...should we have a sticky with important links and other information for those seeking to start their own LRPG groups?
  3. Send me a PM if you are looking for players. I am on the northeast side and have a few games under my belt.
  4. From what I am saying it is a flat number. My bigger question is that it doesn't list +CON behind that number! Overall, I think the hit point situation is simply a workaround from an earlier iteration of the game that wasn't d&d 5e.
  5. I cannot browse the event offerings without purchasing a badge. Is there someone who could share what is being offered online during the con. I am not sure that I can attend, but I may be able to make one or two sessions work if they line up with my timeframe. Please and thank you!
  6. Is this a Living game PBP? I would use Algernon Pike from my profile.
  7. I ran episodes 1 and 2 at GenCon 2020, and I am scheduled for two runs this weekend at GenCon. While I do like the character I ran (Capt. Williams) out of group balance necessity at GenCon 2020, I would like my main character to be the one I didn't run (Algernon Pike). I have yet to find a system allowing for the transfer of mission points and other character options to an alternate character. Is this possible without simply changing the documents for the currently run character? Thanks for any official answers!
  8. The core rulebook does not have a campaign. It DOES have an episode planning/pacing guide for a "season" at your table. It's a very well-constructed treatise on the composition of a campaign, but it does not include encounters or specific plot points like a campaign book in the line of Curse of Strahd or Dragon Heist.
  9. I do believe this is a hot mess of a situation. I think he watched the "Window of Opportunity" episode a bit too many times! I know I'm late to the party here, but now that some time has passed perhaps it would be an option to go to him in private for a beer or coffee (depending on your particular idiom) and apologize for getting so angry while adding in why you got angry. Honestly, a person who did those things at all would have been discharged from the military immediately. Even Jack was respectful of authority when push came to shove. The only times he was serious were those times where he disobeyed orders for legitimate reasons. Honestly, if you work it out and come back, you could explain it as an "Urgo" episode situation. For the past month, your character has been in the brig only to discover that on a previous mission he was implanted with a highly advanced civs tracker that damaged his impulse control center. Good luck, either way!
  10. LL, I know this is basically a necro, but did you ever get a game together that just didn't wind up on this site? AL
  11. Given my schedule for GenCon combined with my family and friends schedules as well as Trade Day activities, I was not able to find a S1E3 run that wasn't sold out at GenCon. While I may try to find a table with dropped attendees, I wanted to try setting up a run online via Roll20 and Discord for some time after GenCon and the release of the episode to those who have played it. If there is anyone willing to run it for a group of us OR if you want to join in on S1 E3 "A Matter of Fae" then please respond here! I am hoping to find a regular group also, but with the slow release schedule of Phoenix events I'm not sure how viable that may be. Thanks for any responses in advance!
  12. I'm interested in any games of the Living Campaign (other than episode 1 and 2). I'm picking up some of the "non-episodes" at GenCon, but wouldn't mind one or two events under my belt before then.
  13. Is there anyone still looking for this event? I will be doing a couple games at GenCon, but not as many as I'd hoped. I wouldn't mind a Roll20 game heading into it if possible! Thanks, Algernon
  14. FRED from the show was the same speed as a slow walk (roughly the same as a MALP). I would argue that the stats were guesstimated for the game. The episode makes sense even if the mechanics are wrong.
  15. I could get behind that. Thanks for clarifying on the opposition. I do think the feat as written is pretty much useless, but perhaps another idea will come to me.
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