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  1. FRED from the show was the same speed as a slow walk (roughly the same as a MALP). I would argue that the stats were guesstimated for the game. The episode makes sense even if the mechanics are wrong.
  2. I could get behind that. Thanks for clarifying on the opposition. I do think the feat as written is pretty much useless, but perhaps another idea will come to me.
  3. I agree on the Jaffa point, but if you're in melee with a Jaffa you already lost. Also, given the "living" campaign has to be uniform, your house rule doesn't address the issue. My question is... given that the exact circumstance your describing is the reason I made the change for it to grant a dodge action, I don't understand your opposition in the slightest. You're already willing to homebrew things so could you explain your opposition beyond just being in opposition?
  4. Only melee attacks can be made with attacks of opportunity so you can still be shot in the back (which is why I suggested granting a dodge action instead). While I can imagine the situation you're describing, I think my initial point still stands about its very limited use in a system where melee unlikely/rare.
  5. Hey all, This is part of a chapter by chapter analysis I'll be doing in order to improve game during Beta. Please feel free to comment and analyze with me on these suggestions. I would only suggest that comments be constructive. General Notes: I appreciate how the overall +3 in overall stat bonuses has been kept from the 5th edition rules (+2 for race and +1 for origin choices). I am concerned about HP bloat, but I think it is fine to front load some HP with the race benefits in order to have a “heroic” campaign. An optional rule should be added for GMs to halve or even
  6. I think Organ Targeting should be moved to the Procedural Feat pool and one of the Procedural Feats dedicated to improving medical skill should be inserted in its place.
  7. I think shotgun and rifle need to be a proficiency group. This would allow for use of rifles like the HK or even M16 type rifles using the same proficiency and then "Longarms" could become the category for SMGs like the P90 or M4.
  8. What we need from this point on in the discussion is a Marine, or other combat vet to come on and set us straight. Until that time, we're just going to keep butting heads and making anecdotal arguments.
  9. Battlemat size should not come into this discussion. I understand that this is a TTRPG, but the weapon systems are the weapon systems. A trained soldier firing an M16 can consistently hit a target over 500m away. That's just true. At 200m they're even more dangerous. You would have to come in via cover or stealth on a position with a squad of marines ready with M16s or you're going to take massive casualties. The Tau'ri weapons create what's called a "force multiplier" when compared to the weapon systems of the Jaffa. Yes, the Jaffa could win and did win engagements, but they did so with bodie
  10. I got sucked into the Discord main channel debate on this last night. (AKA Time in my life I won't get back) My only suggestion to the overall debate would be to make the max range the weapon system's max "effective range" which would put the P90 at 200m. Then take 25-50% of that range as the "close" range for the weapon. They also need to make different longarms because a P90, an M4, and an M16 all have very different stats and ranges. If they don't, however, that's their prerogative since the numbers they list are based on real world tested statistics. As for the argument a
  11. That's definitely against the grain. How do they maintain the integrity of the mission if everyone knows exactly what is going to happen next?
  12. I thought there were some very fun and engaging parts of this episode, but there were also some big sticking points which created a lot of confusion and immersion issues. Pros: Exploring the settlement was a lot of fun. It would have been nice to get a bit more guidance on how many things we could try. I finagled a way to try two of them, but since this is a determination heavy episode, it might have been nice to know for sure. The challenge and setup were very SG appropriate and made a lot of sense for a team mission. The exploration process and "dungeon crawling" bit
  13. So we must have skipped a section of the mission at our table. My only complaint is that the mission was choppy. More specifically, it would have been better had we caught Wepawet's Jaffa on the planet and had to make a decision there whether or not to engage. If we had, then we would have been captured (only to be freed by the Tok'ra infiltrator) or received vital information through stealth (still meeting the Tok'ra infiltrator). The second mission in the single mission broke the flow of things in my eyes. Also, if we did miss part of the mission by dispatching/evading the Jaf
  14. Roll20 has a character sheet, but since this is not a WotC product (nor is it DnD), I don't see a situation where DnD Beyond picks it up.
  15. Most Jaffa should start with access to Zats, but those are blocked as well.
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