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  1. Only melee attacks can be made with attacks of opportunity so you can still be shot in the back (which is why I suggested granting a dodge action instead). While I can imagine the situation you're describing, I think my initial point still stands about its very limited use in a system where melee unlikely/rare.
  2. Hey all, This is part of a chapter by chapter analysis I'll be doing in order to improve game during Beta. Please feel free to comment and analyze with me on these suggestions. I would only suggest that comments be constructive. General Notes: I appreciate how the overall +3 in overall stat bonuses has been kept from the 5th edition rules (+2 for race and +1 for origin choices). I am concerned about HP bloat, but I think it is fine to front load some HP with the race benefits in order to have a “heroic” campaign. An optional rule should be added for GMs to halve or even remove the HP bonuses in order to make the campaign more challenging at their discretion. Suggestion: I am concerned with the low skill proficiencies for “advanced” races even though I understand it for balance purposes. I think an additional weapon proficiency should be available to “standard” races. Aturen, “Tollan” (see below), and Tok’ra = +1 skill proficiency; Jaffa, Unas, and “Abydonian” (see below) Human +1 weapon Proficiency. Tau’ri (and “Advanced” below) should get a choice. Aturen: Suggestion: Given their generations of peaceful pursuits, should the hit points for Aturen be lowered by two (8/6)? Clarification: I don’t understand the +CON bonus for Aturen Pacifists. If +CON is an important Aturen trait, it should be granted to the normal Aturen with the Pacifists gaining +WIS from their “enlightened” philosophy. Clarification: The “Invisibility” power needs to be clarified. If the Noxian Pacifist interacts with a sentient creature, the invisibility should break for that target. Clarification: The “Pacifism” listed needs to be expanded in terms of Aturen pacifist ideology. In particular, a note needs to be added regarding exactly why the SGPC willingly puts Noxian Pacifists on SGP teams. If they are not meant to be assigned to SGPC teams it needs to be clarified. Furthermore, how does someone with this mindset even want to join an SGP team? Suggestion: Add the “Natural Resistance” trait to the pacifists as well in order to balance their difficulties as short bursts of invisibility are still not equal to the disruption the pacifism trait could cause to a group. Human: Suggestion: I would do a rework of the groupings to allow for Repressed, Advanced, Tau’ri, and Enlightened. New Designation - Repressed Humans: Former slaves to the Goa’uld or inhabitants of abandoned, protected, or other human settled planets whose technology was at some point repressed. Use the stats for Abydonians. “Free from Ra” would still work even for persons from protected worlds since they value their freedom in league with the enslaved. New race group - “Advanced” Humans: Humans existing at a technology level akin to the Tau’ri, but without their egalitarian and/or moral compasses. These humans gain the following… +10 HP Bonus of +2 to INT or +2 to CHA Two skill proficiencies Recovery (as standard from other Human groupings) New Trait - Singular Focus: Many of these humans have spent their lives in a highly structured society where their belief system was deeply reinforced. As a result, they receive an additional determination point and gain a +1 to their Moxie. Tau’ri Humans: Humans from Earth are in a very “middle ground” place technologically, but also philosophically. They use the standard “human” stats. Suggested Change: Galactic Seeds - The open mindedness and prosperity of the Tau’ri grants them advantage on persuasion checks with other humans during “convince” encounters. New Designation - “Enlightened” humans: Humans from planets with highly advanced technology greater than that of Earth. This replaces the “Tollan” designator. Also alter “Phase-Shift” with the trait below… Altered Trait - Future Tech: Choose one piece of technology from Tech 3 or 4 to include in your base kit. Common examples include the “Phase Shift” device for Tollans, Serrakin pistols for Hebridians, and Memory Devices for Gallarans (later seasons). Jaffa: Rather balanced Suggestion: Jaffa get +2 str AND +2 dex Suggestion: Replace the P90 and Tac Vest in the base kit with Ma’tok staff and Jaffa armor at the players discretion. Suggestion: Jaffa do not gain additional weapon proficiencies from class training. Suggestion: Jaffa may not choose the Medic or Scientist classes. Tok’ra Clarification: It should be stated that Tok'ra are proficient with and can use Goa'uld technology. Suggestion: Tok’ra receive +1 skill proficiency to represent the symbiote’s knowledge. Suggestion: Tok’ra have advantage on all checks related to impersonating a Goa’uld. Clarification: I'm not sure where the Pangaran Tok'ra are in regards to canon. Unas: Suggestion: Unas get +2 str AND +2 con Suggestion: Unas cannot use Human weaponry of Tech 2 and above proficiently unless it is specifically designed for them. As a result they do not gain any firearm proficiencies from their class. Suggestion: Unas may not choose the Engineer or Scientist classes. Suggestion: Unas speed is 8m instead of 6m Clarification: Why is possessed Unas in these rules? Are they intended to actually be playable?
  3. I think Organ Targeting should be moved to the Procedural Feat pool and one of the Procedural Feats dedicated to improving medical skill should be inserted in its place.
  4. I think shotgun and rifle need to be a proficiency group. This would allow for use of rifles like the HK or even M16 type rifles using the same proficiency and then "Longarms" could become the category for SMGs like the P90 or M4.
  5. What we need from this point on in the discussion is a Marine, or other combat vet to come on and set us straight. Until that time, we're just going to keep butting heads and making anecdotal arguments.
  6. Battlemat size should not come into this discussion. I understand that this is a TTRPG, but the weapon systems are the weapon systems. A trained soldier firing an M16 can consistently hit a target over 500m away. That's just true. At 200m they're even more dangerous. You would have to come in via cover or stealth on a position with a squad of marines ready with M16s or you're going to take massive casualties. The Tau'ri weapons create what's called a "force multiplier" when compared to the weapon systems of the Jaffa. Yes, the Jaffa could win and did win engagements, but they did so with bodies. Against an even number of Jaffa outside of an ambush, the Tau'ri win every time and that's just what it is. I understand wanting to make the game more equitable for the enemies of SGPC, but in the end, it just isn't in canon so it doesn't have to be in game.
  7. That's definitely against the grain. How do they maintain the integrity of the mission if everyone knows exactly what is going to happen next?
  8. I thought there were some very fun and engaging parts of this episode, but there were also some big sticking points which created a lot of confusion and immersion issues. Pros: Exploring the settlement was a lot of fun. It would have been nice to get a bit more guidance on how many things we could try. I finagled a way to try two of them, but since this is a determination heavy episode, it might have been nice to know for sure. The challenge and setup were very SG appropriate and made a lot of sense for a team mission. The exploration process and "dungeon crawling" bits weren't bad, but we did have a couple pilots (boat travel) and a scout (survival/perception checks). I am REALLY enjoying the "Convince Encounter" mechanics Cons: The lack of a better planet survey (after almost a year) is laughable. TacCom releays should have been available and sent so they could at least be set up as a secondary objective. The table I had really emphasized the challenge of a Living Campaign with random tables. The SGPC would have insisted on sending an engineer/scientist on the mission and we had neither. I never understood how the river's flow was being diverted for DAYS. A river of the size described would have filled the entire base in question within hours. Stopping the flow/purging the base was a simple fix and would have been the first thing which would have been attempted. SCUBA gear should have been sent with the team and a semi-complicated fix in the flooded layers should have been necessary. It was not made clear in the session how the Pangarans developed Tritonin. I didn't want to metagame so I didn't say anything about Egeria, but would the Tok'ra have known and been forcibly opposed to continuing Tritonin research? I did not understand at all why there would be opposition to keeping and exploring the base. Did the SGPC bring the gate to the planet? If not, how was its existence missed by Apophis's forces since they would have had to spend a large amount of time in orbit above the planet surveying it? If so, that needs to be campaign common knowledge. Since a Goa'uld signal was definitely sent from the planet, per the show's logic that would make it no longer viable as the location for the Phoenix site. The Goa'uld may or may not send a ship, but unless there are dedicated orbital defenses (which they definitely don't have in canon) then it doesn't make sense to stay. Was THAT the opposition to using the base? That was never made clear and would have changed a lot from our perspective. It would have been nice to get some additional bonus from being able to convince all three counselors. Also, it doesn't make sense on a site such as this to have an even number of decision-makers. Jaffa, Tok'ra, Human, Arturen, and Tollan should be the breakdown. Overall, I clicked "Neutral" because of these Cons, but I did like parts of it and it did feel like some decent SG canon material.
  9. Roll20 has a character sheet, but since this is not a WotC product (nor is it DnD), I don't see a situation where DnD Beyond picks it up.
  10. Most Jaffa should start with access to Zats, but those are blocked as well.
  11. I concur. This is a holdover from DnD 5e. With guns and other weapons requiring only a forward face, there should not be disadvantage to attacks.
  12. This feat seems weak in a game where most combat is ranged. I'm not sure how to balance it though. Granting an ally a dodge action is a bit OP and granting a move action is covered by the "Rush" tactic. Perhaps granting all allies extra move (+2m?) would work? Anyone agree, disagree, or have other thoughts on this feat?
  13. I'm not sure we can replay episodes in living series, Adam. You might want to post in episode 2 or 3.
  14. Please use this thread to coordinate a table of Episode 3 ("Twisted Past") of the Stargate Phoenix Living Campaign. My recommendation is that interested individuals post here and Gatemasters make posts which they can edit as their table fills (or just work through DMs to the players who have shown interest). Note: I am not affiliated with Wyvern Games or any other official group. I am just posting as a concerned citizen
  15. Please use this thread to coordinate a table of Episode 2 ("Watershed") of the Stargate Phoenix Living Campaign. My recommendation is that interested individuals post here and Gatemasters make posts which they can edit as their table fills (or just work through DMs to the players who have shown interest). Note: I am not affiliated with Wyvern Games or any other official group. I am just posting as a concerned citizen
  16. Please use this thread to coordinate a table of Episode 1 ("Groundbreaking") of the Stargate Phoenix Living Campaign. My recommendation is that interested individuals post here and Gatemasters make posts which they can edit as their table fills (or just work through DMs to the players who have shown interest). Note: I am not affiliated with Wyvern Games or any other official group. I am just posting as a concerned citizen
  17. I would be interested, but my times are a bit wonky. The Sunday or Saturday afternoon options work ... sometimes. With three kids and weekends often set for family functions there would be times I miss. If that's not a disqualifier, let me know here or via PM and I'll join Planet Beaumont.
  18. I too am looking for a Roll20 group or perhaps starting one. Let me know if anyone has plans for reasonable timeframes for an Eastern timezone US player.
  19. Algernon Pike

    Algernon Pike

    Rank 1 Human

    Class: Engineer

    Algernon is a Hebridian male currently serving as an advisor to Phoenix Command. Algernon grew up working with Serrakin engineers on various drive systems and other projects. He was not from a rich family so he wasn't able to attend the best schools, but he got by pretty well focusing more on science and tinkering than making profits. He was able to work on a couple Looper ships early in his life and got hooked on juicing engines. He was not just an ion head though and became politically involved in anti-Goa'uld political organizations which pushed for the Hebridian government to take a more active role in the galactic affairs by opposing the system lords. When he became frustrated by the political setbacks on Hebridia, he set out to find the Tau'ri which had begun to make a name for themselves with their open resistance against the Goa'uld and the powerful system lords. Through many adventures and tight scrapes he was able to contact the SGC and was assigned as an advisor to the Phoenix Site in their operations due to his skills and knowledge of various human and other species who fell outside Goa'uld control. Algernon Pike SG.pdf
  20. Rank 1 Human

    Class: Soldier

    Orginally from Queens, NY, Captain Derek Williams was the youngest US Marine to reach the rank of Captain after he was thrust into the lead of a squad when his unit commander was killed in a Somali ambush. In March 2000, Capt. Wiliams, was diverted from his assignment to the second carrier group for a strange mission that involved what he later found out was a crashing Al'kesh. Capt. Williams almost single-handedly contained the breakout of a platoon of Jaffa who had slipped past the SGC containment screen. Following these events, General Hammond reached out to the Captain and recruited him into the SGC Program. When the opportunity to lead a brand new team called Phoenix-1 at the Phoenix Site arose, Derek jumped at the opportunity. He has a knack of bringing together people from a variety of backgrounds. His ability to use his training and street smarts to persevere through tough spots makes him the prime candidate to lead Phoenix-1. Capt Derek Williams SG.pdf
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