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  1. I like options so i am perfectly ok with the last 3 options the first just seems like it wont bring people together but seems like it will only exclude people but I like the idea of throwing it out to the player. Let him choose at the table which one he would like to do. Rolling up a new character would let them experiment. Letting them play a higher level of their character is great because they get to keep the rewards it will just come later but i say let the player at the table make the choice between the last 3 options
  2. Thats a good one. Fortunately there arent a whole lot of aliens in stargate so modern or medieval characters should do you for the most part along with the stl for the jaffa im sure you can find some Roswell greys for the asgard somewhere
  3. Also it gives you guys plenty of time to hammer out the rules for space combat as i think that might be unexplored area for d&d. Love to see what you guys do
  4. I think they said look forward to future content. Which makes some sense where they set the game we dont have much more then a few f302s but later we get the 303 and 304s
  5. I wish they let us review the one with the 2000 patches so we can fix that one as well
  6. I havent seen anything that specifically states that it is what i feel they implied with the upgrade. You can ask the dm ie general for stuff upgrades included but that just seems like an automatic approval for 1 upgrade to start. You are right the developers should clearly state things
  7. Think of it this way you always get it as compared to convincing the General to let you have it all the time its just automatic. That is the only thing i can think of. My DM is going to run the game with us being a new team and have to prove our worth to get any gear worth anything. We get everyones hand me downs.
  8. Go to the upgrades under weapons and you get to add one of those to your long arm things like bipods reflex sight extended magazine. Things of that nature
  9. That sounds like a good idea
  10. There is some good stuff in there some of it is to technical like all the different types of vehicle tools i do believe engineering tools would be good enough. But you do have a lot of good stuff in there you should submit it to the game creators.
  11. Hammond isnt in charge at all and has nothing to do with Phoenix according to the people in charge of the game
  12. The season pass is unlocked in the kickstarter for those who want a deal and add to the kickstarter.
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