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  1. It's in it's beta so (as of right now) some things are finished, some aren't. Running a home brew with the beta rules has been really fun. Honestly, the core book isn't that incomplete and has a enough ability for you to play to get a really good feel for what we're going to be getting once it is complete.
  2. Excellent! Very happy to hear! So far I'm absolutely loving everything you guys have put out.
  3. This is AMAZING news and I can't wait till full release. I've been reading the beta guide a lot and I LOVE where the RPG is heading. That being said I do have a question or two and I hope this is the appropriate place to post them. Are we going to get any updates to the beta phoenix core book? I was hoping to see some actual Goa'uld system lord info so maybe we could make one in game. Maybe some other templates to go off? If not are we getting any corrections or explanations to some feats? I don't exactly remember where but I know there was some confusion with how things were worded or that they thought the feet were too powerful or not powerful enough. In any case I'm super excited to keep going! Thanks for all that you guys have been doing in this hard time!
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