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  1. Who keeps going after the cake?! I bet it's the Nox.
  2. For the first few planets in my campaign, I spelled out my name in the planetary designations, slipping in a letter here and there.
  3. Perhaps new Inspirations will be introduced in the future which leverage the charisma modifier?
  4. EinherjarLucian


    Rank 1 Jaffa

    Class: Scout

  5. Outcome: Incomplete


    Number of Players: 4

    Gatemaster: EinherjarLucian

  6. Outcome: Success


    Number of Players: 3

    Gatemaster: EinherjarLucian

    Despite a rocky start, Phoenix-12 grew to respect each other and work together as a team. They successfully extracted Karrasha from the clutches of Lord Wepwawet.
  7. There is no Episode 3 titled "Twisted Past." Perhaps it was never real... an illusion on a midsummer night.
  8. Sauna and Hot Springs This facility is where members of Phoenix Base can relax and unwind. Surprisingly popular with humans, Jaffa, and Aturen, these spaces are quickly spreading to Haven in general. Saunas and hot springs help restore achy muscles and foster a sense of quiet contemplation and community. Benefit: When you spend your downtime in the sauna or hot springs, choose Athletics or Culture. You gain a bonus equal to the facility bonus to checks made with that skill. Additionally, if the facility bonus is +2 or higher, ythen the first time you suffer exhaustion during the next mission, you suffer one less level of exhaustion. If this reduces the incoming exhaustion to zero, you do not suffer exhaustion.
  9. Here's a homebrew feat and facility to enhance daily living at Phoenix Base! Sports Fan MP Cost: 3 Requirement: Athletics or Culture You are a true fan of sports, either to play or to participate. You enjoy taking in sports matches from a variety of worlds as they become available, and you may also eagerly take up opportunities offered by members of other cultures to join them to play team sports. When you spend downtime at the Sports Fields, you may choose to add the Facility bonus of the Sports Fields to your Dexterity and Constitution saves for the duration of the mission. Additionally, you may add the Facility bonus of the Rec Hall to Culture checks made to quote current sports stats and trade banter with members of alien cultures which have galactic presence. Sports Fields When started, the sports fields are small areas of flattened and cleared ground, near the gardens outside the Base Gate. The sports fields are where members of the Phoenix Site staff as well as the civilians of Haven can unwind and enjoy a variety of sports together. As the fields develop and grow, a series of multi-purpose sports fields, ball courts, and even possibly an Olympic-sized swimming pool will take shape, to accommodate the many cultural sports activities growing around Haven. How the fields develop depend on interactions between the players and the NPC leaders of Haven, and is generally up to the GM. Benefit: When you spend your downtime in the sports fields, choose Athletics or Acrobatics. You gain a bonus equal to the sports fields' facility bonus to checks made with that skill.
  10. I believe in a more recent version it is no longer the default option and has been replaced with something a bit more appropriate.
  11. Rank 2 Aturen

    Class: Medic

    Elara is a young medic hailing from House Tydel. She has recently joined the Phoenix Program, and is excited to use her skills to aid those in need across the vast galaxy. Elara Tydel Medium Humanoid (Aturen female), Medic 2 Armor Class. 17 (Tactical Vest) Hit Points. 26(2d8 + 11) Determination. 4 Speed. 6m. Initiative. +4, Moxie +1, Proficiency Bonus +2. Abilities. Strength 10 (0), Dexterity 13 (+1), Constitution 12 (+1), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 18 (+4), Charisma 13 (+1). Saving Throws. Dexterity +3, Wisdom +6. Elara gains advantage on any saving throws against disease or poison and adds her proficiency bonus to Constitution saving throws against such effects. Skills. Athletics +2, Insight +6, Medicine +6, Nature +3, Perception +6, Persuasion +3, Science +3, Stealth +4 (Patient Hunter). Senses. Perception 16, Insight 16, Investigation 11, Stealth 14. Languages. Aturen (Native), Nox, English Proficiencies. Light Armor, Common Weapons, Sidearms, Shotguns, Med Kit, Outbreak Kit. Elara carries a Med Kit as part of her base kit. Feats. First Aid (Medic 1 - 0MP); Triage (Medic 2 - 0MP); Unnoticed Field Medic (Medic 2 - 0MP). Procedures. Sedatives (Medic 1). Features & Traits Aturen Naturalist. Whenever you make an Intelligence (Science) check that involves an ecosystem and the creatures within, you add +TD to the check. Swamp Origin - Patient Hunter. You may use your Wisdom modifier instead of your Dexterity modifier when making Stealth skill checks. Preservationist Origin - An Eye for Nature. You gain advantage on Intelligence and Wisdom checks to identify the properties of plants. Medic - First Aid. Your extensive training in field medicine allows you to rapidly provide aid to a wounded team member. When you use a med kit to heal, you add your Proficiency bonus to the healed amount. In addition, you may use a med kit to heal a wounded team member as an action (rather than during a short rest). Med kits cannot heal the target again until after a short rest. Medic - Triage. You can observe a character's current physical condition as a bonus action with a DC 20 Medicine check. If successful, you learn the character's current and total HP as well as their total hit dice. You suffer disadvantage against a target if you are unfamiliar with its biology. Medic - Unnoticed Field Medic. When you heal a team member using first aid, attacks against you suffer disadvantage until your next turn. Actions Procedure - Sedatives. Melee Weapon Attack. Hit +3. Effect 1d6 fatigue (DC 14 Constitution Save). A target brought to 6 levels of fatigue with this ability is unconscious instead of dead. Tranquilizer Pistol (TL2 Sidearm). Ranged Weapon Attack. Hit +4, Effect 1d3 exhaustion (DC 13 Con Save). Range 50m. Capacity 15. Reload 1 action. Pistol. Tranquilizer. Included in Base Kit. Armor. TL2 Tactical Vest (AC 17). Bulk Capacity 7. Kevlar. Base Kit. Tactical Vest, 3 uniforms, MREs for mission duration, TL2 Combat Knife, TACCOM, Flashlight, Water Purifier Canteen, Filtration/Radiation Mask, Multi-tool kit, Personal First Aid Kit, Extended Climate Protection Clothing, Combat Tent, Tranquilizer Pistol (replaces Beretta M9 Sidearm), Med Kit. Additional Gear. None.
  12. I used HeroForge to build all of my players' minis. They have some good options for making characters in BDUs.
  13. Sometime soon (no exact timeframe), they mentioned there will be a newer beta release for backers. That said, you can run a full game with the June beta, including making characters.
  14. Seattle, WA, but originally from Florida.
  15. Exactly. And as you showed, not every squad member has to be a line officer. A Captain, a Lieutenant, and two SSgt's is a pretty good comp (plus the civilian).
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