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  1. Sauna and Hot Springs This facility is where members of Phoenix Base can relax and unwind. Surprisingly popular with humans, Jaffa, and Aturen, these spaces are quickly spreading to Haven in general. Saunas and hot springs help restore achy muscles and foster a sense of quiet contemplation and community. Benefit: When you spend your downtime in the sauna or hot springs, choose Athletics or Culture. You gain a bonus equal to the facility bonus to checks made with that skill. Additionally, if the facility bonus is +2 or higher, ythen the first time you suffer exhaustion during the next
  2. Here's a homebrew feat and facility to enhance daily living at Phoenix Base! Sports Fan MP Cost: 3 Requirement: Athletics or Culture You are a true fan of sports, either to play or to participate. You enjoy taking in sports matches from a variety of worlds as they become available, and you may also eagerly take up opportunities offered by members of other cultures to join them to play team sports. When you spend downtime at the Sports Fields, you may choose to add the Facility bonus of the Sports Fields to your Dexterity and Constitution saves for the duration of the mission
  3. I believe in a more recent version it is no longer the default option and has been replaced with something a bit more appropriate.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A four page character sheet with plenty of room to document your character's features as they level up. Certain fields auto-calculate values based on ability scores and bonuses. You can select no proficiency ("-"), half proficiency ("H"), proficient ("P"), or expertise ("X") for each skill. Since some feats and origins allow for it, you can change the ability each skill is based on. The last page allows you to add more background information for your character and even attach an image. Important: Acrobat doesn't handle flowing text between fields very well, so you should be ready to
  5. Rank 1 Aturen

    Class: Medic

    Elara is a young medic hailing from House Tydel. She has recently joined the Phoenix Program, and is excited to use her skills to aid those in need across the vast galaxy. Elara Tydel Medium Humanoid (Aturen female), Medic 1 Armor Class. 17 (Tactical Vest) Hit Points. 19 (1d8 + 11) Determination. 4 Speed. 6m. Initiative. +4, Moxie +1, Proficiency Bonus +2. Abilities. Strength 10 (0), Dexterity 13 (+1), Constitution 12 (+1), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 18 (+4), Charisma 13 (+1). Saving Throws. Dexterity +3, Wisdom +7. Elara gains advantage on an
  6. I used HeroForge to build all of my players' minis. They have some good options for making characters in BDUs.
  7. Sometime soon (no exact timeframe), they mentioned there will be a newer beta release for backers. That said, you can run a full game with the June beta, including making characters.
  8. Seattle, WA, but originally from Florida.
  9. Exactly. And as you showed, not every squad member has to be a line officer. A Captain, a Lieutenant, and two SSgt's is a pretty good comp (plus the civilian).
  10. You also don't have to assume that every service member in the SGC is going to be a Soldier class. You're likely to see military service members in all six of the in-game classes.
  11. I don't think Naqadah is going to be a major trade item since it can be used for weapons, but Trinium and other less-weaponizable elements and alloys for sure.
  12. Fair enough. Point is, I think Scout should have proficiency in long guns. Notably in the game rules there's a separate feat for sniper training in particular.
  13. My understanding from conversations in the Discord chat is that the next Beta update will be shortly after the Kickstarter campaign ends. If you haven't backed it already, there's still time!
  14. You can also use med kits without skill checks, you can benefit from one application every short rest: Medicine Proficiency: 2d4 for scuffed (hp above 50%), 2d8 for bloodied Not Proficient: 1d4 scuffed, 1d8 bloodied
  15. The coordinates haven't been printed but I expect they'll either be in the next beta update (post-campaign). The quickstart guide you can download from the campaign has the origin symbol, though!
  16. TBH, it's your game table, if you want players in your campaign (Living Campaign aside) to have a bonus feat at first level, then you're the GM; make it happen.
    An excellent tool to quickly build and maintain a character sheet.
  17. I'd especially expect scouts to be proficient in sniper rifles.
  18. Hello from the Pacific Northwest! We're still looking for that building which got beamed into space. By the way, how does one get into the beta test?
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