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  1. The problem with advantage is that the encounters can take multiple rounds, so you could end up with everyone dropping their other approaches and going for whichever granted advantage, so I'm not sure I like the idea...though I guess narratively it could just be recognising that they seemed to respond best to that kind of approach I agree with your point that accomodation assignment would be one of the first things to happen before combat training. However, when I ran it I had 5 PCs, so what I did was add Em'lyn as the NPC 6th to round out the combat training - this provides a basis for a grudge to erupt in an argument later on (could be as simple as "You shot me!" or "I won you lost, so I get the top bunk", though in my game one of the PCs went prone in cover despite the explicit orders not to do so, so she called him out on that for disobeying orders and generally being dishonourable). This worked really well and linked the encounters narratively very nicely - and provides a basis for the argument erupting later in the session after the combat, rather than the very first time they see their bunks.
  2. One thing I just remembered; in the encounter with Em'lyn, the text states she is most influenced by a logical approach - but how does that work mechanically? I couldn't see anything in the episode text or the core rulebook that mentioned how to handle receptive approaches. Should the threshold be decreased for attempts using the NPC's favoured approach? Should players using that approach be granted advantage? Or is it just flavour for roleplaying?
  3. What date is the deadline for submitting after-action reports to feed into the Living Series canon? Edit: Just saw this thread, so I assume the date was Sept 30th and we've missed it already https://stargatetherpg.com/forums/topic/1459-season-1-episode-release-schedule/
  4. Agreed; when reading that I (perhaps generously) assumed it meant they cannot continue with the Act rather than the episode - i.e. they don't have the opportunity to find the symbol or deal with the broken DHD / storm, and instead we move on to Act 2 once they're recovered. What actually happened when I ran the scenario was my players immediately noticed they had protective masks as part of their base kit and tried to put them on, leaving me floundering as to whether or not that would actually work as it's not addressed in the adventure; it seems like it's an inhaled poison, so the masks should be effective protection - but later it mentions the character suffers "coolant burns" so it might be a physical injury instead..? It's quite unclear! The party was quite keen to put on their masks from their kit and then radio the rest of the base for further instructions (using the radio from their kit). I was a bit unsure how to handle this, and had to semi-force them through the gate saying they didn't have time to get the masks on (afterwards realising that they take 1 action to put on, so that wasn't accurate) and they couldn't get any response on the radio due to the crisis. The primary purpose of the poisoning seems to be to encourage the party to head to the camp for treatment; however, they're just told they need a medpack - and their base kit includes personal medpacks, and the Medic player has a full medpack, so it seems as though they can use this to overcome the poisoning as soon as they're through the gate without needing to look for it at all. In this case I just let them do it as the player who was poisoned was pretty unhappy with the situation, and I can't really blame them as they'd tried everything they could to avoid it only to essentially be told "rocks fall". Other more minor issues were they were a bit hesitant to surrender to J'ta but eventually went along with it - initially one player tried to keep J'ta talking whilst the others searched for a back way out of Karrasha's cave. Later, when put in the cages they spent a while discussing various escape plans (including the classic "My friend is sick [because of Wepawet's hand device]!"), before I could get a word in edgeways to play out the argument scene. In both of these cases I think they were a bit disappointed that they didn't have the opportunity to come up with their own solutions, and instead were just "along for the ride" whilst the adventure narrative unfolded. I appreciate the episodic format requires a bit of a rigid structure but there still could have been room for them to come up with creative solutions, e.g. if they look for (+find subject to appropriate check) a back way out of the cave, then a Jaffa scout spots them and you run the chase encounter. If caught, move on to the scenes with Wepwawet; if they evade they get back to Earth but they haven't met the woman who freed them so they may be more wary of her in future - which could presumably be handled by just another flag in the after action report for whether they met her or not. This has been a long post and sounding mostly negative so far, so I want to highlight that despite these slight issues I and the group did have a lot of fun, and the players mentioned they really liked the structure and episodic nature of the adventure, so it was definitely a positive experience overall!
  5. What's the deadline for completing these as part of the Living Series? I see Ep 1 just went up yesterday, which is disappointing as I didn't see any announcement about a deadline for Ep 1 which our group only just played today
  6. Will the deadlines for submitting after-action reports (to feed into the canon) be published somewhere? I'm running Episode 1 this weekend and I don't know if we're early, late, or right on time!
  7. Rank 1 Human

    Class: Engineer

    A sniper from the cave of snipers in Germany.
  8. Outcome: Success


    Number of Players: 5

    Gatemaster: Duke Flipside

    Act 1 Encounter 2: Ji'en / Briggs / Cordelia vs Ulrich / Stuart / Em'lyn Victory for Ulrich's team. Briggs reprimanded for going prone behind cover. Encounter 3: Em'lyn aggravated by Briggs' cheating. Ji'en/Stuart managed to calm her down. Encounter 5: Found symbol but couldn't identify Encounter 6: Manually dialled gate Act 2 Encounter 4: Failed stealth Encounter 5b: Ji'en almost escaped, but Stuart was caught Encounter 5a: Ulrich heavily wounded, Sgt Briggs knocked unconscious
  9. Hi all, I've not been involved in the beta or any playtesting, and I was super-excited to get my hands on the Core Rulebook the other day. I'm an experienced 5e DM+player, so after going through the book I have a few questions I was hoping you might be able to help with - apologies for the long post! Page 116 has a sidebar on the DHD, where it says activating the DHD requires a DC20 Engineering or Science check, and that failure by 10 could open a wormhole to a random destination. This is very confusing to me: the point about the DHD is that it's incredibly simple to use, as long as you know the address. However, in regular 5e DC20 is considered "Hard"; I don't know if there are any major balance changes that make it easier for characters to reach DC20 at low levels than in regular 5e, but from what I've seen that doesn't seem likely - and indeed the rulebook itself confirms DC20 is supposed to be "Hard" on page 106. I don't think we ever saw anyone struggling to work a (functioning) DHD (when they knew the address) in the show, and yet a level 1 Engineer with a +5 in Engineering will faill this check 70% of the time they try to dial...not to mention a level 1 Soldier with -1 in Engineering would be utterly incapable of dialling the gate successfully! Activating the DHD is a matter of dialling the correct 6-symbol address + correctly entering the unique Point of Origin for that gate; the only challenging part is identifying the PoO, without which the gate won't activate; therefore it shouldn't be possible to dial an incorrect address. Is anyone able to explain the reasoning for making dialling such a difficult check? If it's to represent correctly identifying the PoO (and DC balance is equivalent to base 5e) I'd argue it should really be something like DC10 (i.e. "Easy"), given we've never seen it be an issue in the show (the original movie being the only exception, when a) there wasn't a DHD and b) the Tau'ri hadn't quite figured out the system yet) The solider's equipment bonus is to add "a longarm upgrade" to their base kit. However, p65/67 indicate that "longarm" is a base weapon class, with different weapons being represented by different sets of upgrades (e.g. P90 is a longarm with Automatic, Burst, Extended Capacity, and Reflex Sight). The base kit on p58 explicitly lists P90s as one of the default options - meaning longarms equipped with upgrades are a standard pieces of kit. Therefore, it seems this is effectively a wasted class feature on the Soldier, as it provides no apparent benefit; is this correct, or have I misunderstood the feature / how upgrades function? The base kit on p58 lists a longarm (P90 or Mossberg 500) as standard equipment for every soldier Only Engineers and Soliders actually have proficiency with Longarms as standard - is the intention that most characters may use weapons they're not proficient in? (This is also a slight error as the Mossberg 500 is defined on p65 as being a Shotgun, not a Longarm...) Behaviour of Automatic weapons seems odd They deal increased damage at the cost of increased ammunition usage and disadvantage on the attack. However, the all-or-nothing nature of attack rolls vs AC means by spraying more bullets, either all of them will hit...or absolutely none of them will (I'm reminded of children's cartoons where a hail of bullets makes a perfect outline around the target, with none hitting!) It feels like this would be better represented by a DEX save, dealing increased damage on a failed save / reduced damage on a success, as you would expect more bullets = more likely to hit. RAW, a character needs a minimum +1 Strength modifier to gain any benefit from the Automatic property, as the bonus damage is tied to STR with no minimum value. Arguably, this means someone with a negative modifier would deal less damage (i.e. roll TD and reduce the damage). Perhaps this is intended if it represents them being unable to handle the recoil of the weapon, but it still seems strange! SG Series Guide states ATVs, Death Gliders, F-302s, Motorcycles, and Passanger Sadans [sic] are not permitted equipment in Living Play - does this mean that the other vehicles listed in the core rulebook (e.g. Apaches, M1 Tanks, M706 APCs...) are allowed? Because I would have assumed otherwise..! SG Series Guide doesn't list Tollan as being a forbidden race option for Living Series Play, but lists their phase-shift device as being forbidden equipment; does the forbidden equipment listing only apply to non-Tollan PCs who would not normally have access to the device, and Tollan PCs are still able to use theirs? If not, should the Tollan race option be forbidden as well, or is there an appropriate replacement for this feature to maintain balance for Tollan PCs (e.g. substituting the Recovery feature other human races have)? Lastly does anyone know when the Living Series is officially starting? It's a bit unclear, but I'm hoping I might be able to convince my group to do an official run! Despite all the questions I'm really looking forward to playing - I have to say I think the implementation of how Zats do 3 levels of exhaustion is absolutely perfect for their "1 hit disables, 2 kills" nature, and I really like the look of how Firefights vs Skirmishes have been implemented (particularly as ranged combat vs melee was one of my biggest disappointments with the Starfinder system!)
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