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  1. It is perhaps a little bit ironic that it could be perceived that the Stargate TV shows are the actual alternate takes on things, while the McCay novels could have been a matching-continuity continuation from the original movie. I don't remember where I read it or if it was even from a legitimate source - Dean or Roland - but I thought there was mention somewhere at some point, way back in the day, that the McCay novels were intended to serve as the continuation of the original story. That may not make much sense if the creators also wanted the original Stargate to turn into a trilogy. Althoug
  2. Hello! You are welcome to join the KC group, even from afar. Thank you for your service in the armed forces. Safe travels!
  3. This Stargate RPG looks like it might be a fun one, and hopefully it proves to be successful, although there are concerns about some of the decisions that have already been made and that might be made prior to its release. Continuity: With the introduction of a new race that was not present in the original movie or 3 shows, along with a number of other elements about this RPG, this game is a split continuity. It might help to market it as being part of an alternate universe so fans are aware of the differences. If anything, it could help soften the blow for those expecting something
  4. Definitely need the Tau'ri option. It isn't Stargate without it. If there's concern about crossing continuities then open it up to alternate universes. Considering the introduction of a new race, it is already a split continuity, even if MGM considers it "canon" it is not the same continuity as the shows.
  5. Definitely! The more the merrier.
  6. Just a random spot in KC, probably the default pin drop from the map. It would be cool to turn around and find a Stargate there!
  7. Hi there! I'm part of the Stargate Kansas City community, looking forward to some fun with the Stargate RPG! SGKC RPG group page: https://stargatetherpg.com/clubs/17-sgkc-stargate-kansas-city/
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