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  1. I miss-understood (I need to read ALL the funny little words!) I read (in my head) that you were saying it wasn't legal to create your own characters.
  2. /Agree Not to be a jerk, but I am paying them to do this stuff. Anything that our players are likely to run into gear / bad guy wise, should be included.
  3. Thank you - just what I was looking for? Why ever is it not legal?
  4. SGC is to the best of my knowledge part of the US Airforce. A US Military team would never be comprised of all foreign nationals. It would always be led by US personnel. A team made up of representatives of a foreign government would be a team of THAT government's military, wear its uniform, etc. US Military personnel might be seconded to it then as "Advisors", but the teams themselves would be foreign teams - Unless I miss-understand the basic nature of SGC (Especially during the SG-1 time frame). of course you can always make your own realities
  5. Agree with all of the above!
  6. By far an excellent review / suggestions. I do have some observations to offer though: Aturens: Agree with your suggestions. As an observation a Pacifist race in an SG first contact team will be problematic. These are combat teams that are part of a combat arm. I could see them in a follow up research team, but as part of a first contact team, the leader who already has limited resources, being out of contact to a great degree, has one less gun, one less person to take a watch shift, etc. Humans: No observations - really good ideas Jaffa: Agree with t
  7. Darq

    Why 5e?

    I would like to hear from the dev team as to why they chose 5e to build this game on? At its heart D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) is a medieval, fantasy game. Why did you select it versus one of the many systems out there that a modern setting would be more comfortable in? You seem to be jumping through some hoops / kludging a bit to force it to fit - or am I just reading into some of the comments I have seen (Like around firearms - a major facet of SG-1)?
  8. With modern firearms, they probably really don't matter much within the context of a game. They will reach the entire map and pretty much as far as you can see.
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    Isn't Vanguard 2nd level?
  10. I am more interested in limitations on character creation to create a legal character.
  11. Maximum range is a meaningless number to an RPG. Yes FN indicates the 5.6mm round may travel 1800m, but that's just a gravity thing. FN lists the EFFECTIVE range (as sited several times above) as 200m, which is basically the range a normal someone could hit and hurt a target (keep in mind the issue is not just hitting the target, but the kinetic energy transmitted after hitting it - most is used up traveling 1800m). Also keep in mind regardless of what the weapon is capable, only a handful of snipers could hit a target 1,000m out - which is a huge accomplishment. They are also probably us
  12. Assuming you are also interested in taking the living campaign concept for a spin, do you have any documentation on living campaign mechanics / rules? How does one make a Living Campaign qualified character for instance - safe to assume you use the stat buy method instead of dice rolling for attributes? That kind of thing.
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