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  1. On 11/6/2020 at 1:23 AM, 1001100x02 said:

    I suspect that had the franchise not already thoughtlessly used up that name for what it should have called Stargate Destiny, that thr book could easily and more accurately have been called the Stargate Universe RPG

    Wasn't there an aborted attempt at an MMO with that name?

  2. This is from the Home Page



    The Tau'ri need your help in the fight against the Goa'uld. Stationed on an undisclosed location under the control of Stargate Command, you will start your training as a new recruit into the Stargate program.

    The Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game is a sci-fi tabletop game where you assume the role of a member of Stargate Command. As an SG team member, you and your teammates will go on missions, guided by a Gatemaster, in the fight against the Goa'uld and other threats. 



  3. On 10/28/2020 at 7:20 PM, 1001100x02 said:

    Yeah, a single mention of having been recruited by the SGC really doesn't cover being run out of the SGC under Hammond and operating alongside SG1

    Do you have reference to anything to the contrary, because if not - this is all we have. Why would they have a separate reporting structure, especially in the time frame the game takes place? 

  4. On 10/13/2020 at 2:46 AM, 1001100x02 said:

    Crucially, the SG-1 RPG has nothing to do with the SGC. Phoenix Base is confusinggly pitched as a training outreach program as well as a sort of French Foreign Legion

    Where do you infer this from?

    First paragraph of the Beta:


    Greetings, Traveler. You’ve been recruited by
    Stargate Command to defend the galaxy against
    the Goa’uld Overlords. Stationed at the secret
    Phoenix Site, you now embark upon your training
    within the Stargate program.


  5. On 10/14/2020 at 7:39 AM, BionicMan05 said:

    A lot of the restricted options are based on either the technology not being readily available to the team or for character origins, those being incompatible with the start of the campaign. For example, Season 1 begins before SG-1 has discovered Pangera, so it wouldn't be possible to have a Pangeran Tok'ra yet in the campaign. As it goes on, more options will unlock for characters and technology.

    I miss-understood (I need to read ALL the funny little words!) I read (in my head) that you were saying it wasn't legal to create your own characters.

  6. On 10/14/2020 at 5:36 PM, tetrasodium said:

    in other words your solution is little more than "why doesn't the gm just build the rest of the system so it doesn't need to be part of core"?  It's not at all controversial  to say that most people buying a system expect it to reach a level of completeness that requires a bit more than "fix it yourself" or "design the rest on your own."  Even if one were to accept your suggestion as acceptable it adds "redesign the character sheet to include room for anything new you add to the weapon/armor designspace", which is  a significant leap of efforteven for people who own one or more programs capable of making a (fillable) pdf & says nothing for needing to build digital sheets in various VTTS that require understanding & use of various languages like CSS.  

    As to "The minutae of PCs customising weapons that people here are talking about belongs in an expansion book", there is no room baked in the system's designspace to support such a book.    The number of gamers who are itching to buy a book with ten or so weapons $weaponName, Range:plenty, Ammo:Plenty 1d6/1d8/1d10/etc is going to be vanishingly small because they already have exactly that.  Needing a 1.5 release to support something as mundane as an expanded weapons book is absurd.


    Not to be a jerk, but I am paying them to do this stuff. Anything that our players are likely to run into gear / bad guy wise, should be included.

  7. On 9/17/2020 at 11:55 PM, 1001100x02 said:

    Tau'ri teams always have military leaders. Logically as teh SGP is sometimes touted as aliens operating under human leadership you could extend that but just as easily you could classify the human members of a majority alien team as "technical advisors"...

    SGC is to the best of my knowledge part of the US Airforce. A US Military team would never be comprised of all foreign nationals. It would always be led by US personnel. A team made up of representatives of a foreign government would be a team of THAT government's military, wear its uniform, etc. US Military personnel might be seconded to it then as "Advisors", but the teams themselves would be foreign teams - Unless I miss-understand the basic nature of SGC (Especially during the SG-1 time frame).

    of course you can always make your own realities 😄

  8. By far an excellent review / suggestions. I do have some observations to offer though:


    • Agree with your suggestions.
    • As an observation a Pacifist race in an SG first contact team will be problematic. These are combat teams that are part of a combat arm. I could see them in a follow up research team, but as part of a first contact team, the leader who already has limited resources, being out of contact to a great degree, has one less gun, one less person to take a watch shift, etc.


    No observations - really good ideas


    • Agree with the Ma'tok staff, but I would not replace the TAC vest with Jaffa armor. There are many reasons units are in "uniforms", the big one is identifying friend from foe. A Jaffa in Jaffa armor carrying a Ma'tok walks into a peaceful village for first contact... the results pretty predictable. Also these are MILITARY units, your uniform selection outside of certain special forces units is not up to your discretion. If they could be worn separately, I could seem them wearing the collapsible helmets though.
    • I am on the fence regarding them getting proficiency in other weapons - by their nature they will want to be the most effective combat assets that they can be. If you are going to let Humans get Jaffa weapon proficiencies, there is no reason Jaffa shouldn't be able to get human weapon proficiencies (I think I just talked myself into that 😉 )


    • I don't know that I agree with every Tok'ra automatically getting Jaffa weapon proficiencies, though I agree they should have access to them.


    Agree! Great suggestions!

  9. I would like to hear from the dev team as to why they chose 5e to build this game on? At its heart D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) is a medieval, fantasy game. Why did you select it versus one of the many systems out there that a modern setting would be more comfortable in? You seem to be jumping through some hoops / kludging a bit to force it to fit - or am I just reading into some of the comments I have seen (Like around firearms - a major facet of SG-1)? 

  10. Maximum range is a meaningless number to an RPG. Yes FN indicates the 5.6mm round may travel 1800m, but that's just a gravity thing. FN lists the EFFECTIVE range (as sited several times above) as 200m, which is basically the range a normal someone could hit and hurt a target (keep in mind the issue is not just hitting the target, but the kinetic energy transmitted after hitting it - most is used up traveling 1800m).

    Also keep in mind regardless of what the weapon is capable, only a handful of snipers could hit a target 1,000m out - which is a huge accomplishment. They are also probably using a spotter and a ballistic computer on a special rifle with a special sight. Very few could even hit a target at 1,800 m, certainly no one who would be on an SG field team.

    • Indeed 1
  11. Assuming you are also interested in taking the living campaign concept for a spin, do you have any documentation on living campaign mechanics / rules? How does one make a Living Campaign qualified character for instance - safe to assume you use the stat buy method instead of dice rolling for attributes? That kind of thing.

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