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    Originally from northern Ontario,Canada, Captain Summer Wind was the youngest RCAF to reach the rank of Captain after she was thrust into the lead of a squad when her commander was killed during a peace keeping mission in Afghanistan. In March 2000, Capt. Wind, was diverted from her patrols of the Arctic Ocean for a strange mission that involved what she later found out was a crashing spaceship. Capt. Wind was instrumental in keeping other Earth forces away from the crash site while it was covered up. Captain Wind was able to secure the site until Canadian forces arrived on site and then she was promptly sidelined until she received a call from an international organization requesting her specifically. Following these events General Hammond reached out to the Captain and recruited her into the SGC Program. When the opportunity to lead a brand new team called Phoenix-1 at the Phoenix Site arose, Summer jumped at the opportunity. Summer is a primarily a helicopter pilot and is usually not a boots on the ground type of solider preferring to fight from a cockpit or a gunners seat. Summer believes that protecting the people of Earth is one of the most important missions she can undertake and she accepts responsibility for her and her squad and does not hesitate to make the hard decisions. Summer wants to feel more comfortable in her "boots on the ground" role and is training in the use of the LMGs similar to the ones mounted to the choppers she used to fly. Soldier-Rodriguez-1.03.pdf
  2. We’re doing the same thing ourselves we’ve already hired artists and a theme song composer. Anything to get eyes on this game should be good
  3. Hey all! Name is Mike "The Birdman" and I'm one of the hosts of the podcast, Thisweekingeek.net Really excited to join this community and be apart of the game in some capacity. My group and I are already planning to develop an actual play podcast based on this. I hired our theme song composer on the other day and literally hired my artist this morning. Our show's first season will be called Stargate SG-TWIG (Tactical weapons intergration group) and if we do a side story we'll have Tactics weapons & intelligence gathering We are so excited to join the Phoenix site and be apart of the SG program
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