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  1. My name is Ben, though I am better known as "Mufasa." I grew up in west Africa and now reside in the Chicago area. I am the Program Director for a year-round youth camp, a non-traditional educator who started exploring RPGs to practice my storytelling techniques. My experience is primarily with Pathfinder, and I am enjoying this opportunity to explore a modern/sci-fi RPG setting in such a fantastic universe.
  2. I am preparing to run a Stargate campaign with some avid fans, and I anticipate that they will want to explore Phoenix Base eventually so they can get to know their Base of Operations better. I know I do! There did not seem to be a command structure or list of specific NPCs stationed at Phoenix Base yet, so I thought it would be great to have a space (similar to the Homebrewed System Lords) for GMs to share ideas for notable NPCs that might visit or serve at Phoenix Base. These do not have to be "canon" or even reoccurring since both SGC and Atlantis bring in a lot of one-shot officers, guests
  3. This thread has some great ideas! I do not know the story enough to expand on "canon" villains yet, but I did come across some potential antagonists while researching ancient Egypt's lesser pantheon members. Some of the top ideas for homebrew villains that I'm considering: Chonsu (Khonsu), the Traveler. Reputation for healing abilities. Could be returning to Milky Way from a campaign among the stars or a knowledge-gathering expedition similar to the Ancients' ship, Destiny. As a plot twist, the "Healer" could also be revealed as a leading member among the Tok'ra. Denwen
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