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  1. It's my favorite of the 3 SG series I've seen. (I keep seeing references to Incursion, but have never seen it) Some of my favorite actors, too - Ming Na Wen, Lou Diamond Philips... and the incredible job of Jamil Walker Smith as the loyal but psychotic MSgt Greer... And, overall, a main cast that was operating at a very good level of characterization. Hell the Chloe-Eli-LtScott-Gin thing...
  2. Welcome, fellow denizen of Oregon!
  3. That should make one hotter, not colder. But yes, Carter does mention being torn apart and transmitted. Note that the iris prevents reintegration at the throat; it's mentioned that the atoms cannot be reformed because of it. It being television, it's not entirely self-consistent.
  4. That would be utterly silly. My headcanon is that they adjusted the dialing computer to make the trip better targeted.
  5. The big changes, in a nutshell: Lots more ranged weapons, much higher starting HP, only one unified roll mechanic for a number of special cases of physical opposed rolls, a large scale combat system, a much smaller experience point total needed to go up, classes end at 5th level, everyone simply buys feats after that. Inspiration has a different mechanic and use. Several social interaction systems abstract out certain facets, and you can use the "fortune in the middle" mode - state the goal, roll the dice, then narrate the discussion/actions appropriately to the roll. The biggest add is the Tension Die - when things are tensest, it's a d12 - many abilities use the Tension die. Grab the beta, from the files section... it will seem fairly familiar, and most of the mechanics are the same.
  6. Count me in the "Either Adv First Aid or Organ Targeting"...
  7. The scout doesn't read as a military scout. It reads as a cross between Ronin Dax and Daniel Boone.
  8. How "new" are you? Ever played an RPG? Ever played D&D 5th Edition? If you've zero roleplaying experience, you need different help than if you're a D&D player, and different further still if you're an experienced GM.
  9. Note that there are some major unfilled holes in it. Like vacuum, and many of the NPC tables. The Kickstarter page has a link to the quickplay, as well, and it has the firefight rules (larger grids, but same time scale, some other interesting bits.). It, also has a lot of holes... mostly the same ones. As it is right now, the combination of those two is a very playable game.
  10. It comes in real handy for or against jaffa...because the ma'tok is only fireable every other round, so the tend to shoot and close, then beat to death...
  11. As an example... My group decided to be a season 1 setting, with all the PCs being USAF. We have the captain being a Jet Jock - who served under O'Neill in 1993-1994. Soldier the academy grad who spent his 2 years of 2nd lieutenant at NASA, first as a SR71 pilot in training, then at the Antarctic Mars Simulation. (Engineer, Artificial BG) a Pathfinder/Special Recon SSgt, (Scout) A medic SSgt. (Medic) A civil service PhD geologist/geographer specializing in extreme environments biospheres. (Scientist)
  12. near Corvallis, Oregon, USA. Grew up in Anchorage, Alaska, USA.
  13. Officer promotions have specified statutory requirements, and your CO can influence your promotion, but even a 4-star general isn't allowed to promote individuals without sending it through the promotion system.They get to pin it on one, but they don't actually have the authority to promote an officer. Generals have, from time to time, been allowed to brevet individuals, but that's not actually the same as a promotion to the substantiative rank. It doesn't count for retirement, doesn't automatically increase pay, doesn't apply outside the issuing command, and usually goes away at the end of whichever conflict it's been authorized for.
  14. There are a good number of GMs who won't be so slack about it. I tend to be one of those.
  15. Yep. For example, the M16 can put a round 3.6 km down range... but it's not considered effective past 550 for shooting a person, and 800m for area targeting (think vehicles)... but in terms of actual engagements, 300m is where the infantry guys I know consider it worth firing at the enemy. The specific ranges for thresholds in gaming use, going with the max range it can throw a bullet isn't a good fit to a 2 range system with only 3 difficulty states (Adv, disad, and normal)
  16. Oh, I know that, Jack. The question not being, "can I afford to up my pledge?" but instead being, "Is the $60 for adding the adventures going to be worth it?" And that's dependent upon factors besides quality of writing... such as player schedules, whether or not I can run it at the store, whether or not the adventures fit my and my players' expectations. whether or not I plus up my Twilight2000 4e pledge, whether or not I try to late back The Labyrinth, whether or not I wind up with more than 1 page of house rules. Currently, only 1 house rule: adding the +5 Dex Saves from 3/4 cover to non-hard full cover, as well.
  17. Firefight rules (10m pergrid) added in QS.
  18. The use of 1 square = 10m is a stock option (called Firefight) in the Quickstart rules, but not in the 061320 beta.
  19. I find music an impediment to gaming about 99.9% of the time, as it makes it harder to understand what people are saying, distracts them from the game at hand, and generally just gets in the way. That other 1 per mille? used to signal start of play or end of play, or break between chunks of play.
  20. There's also the issue that the tech levels also bake in differences in minerals extraction... TL 0 is hands and stone, bone or bronze tools, which limits digging to relatively soft stones or in soil, and maybe 200-500 l/day TL1, withiron tools, the rates can go to low kiloliters (kl=m³) per day per person, by drill and blast, and medium rocks. TL2, we get up to low hundreds of m³ per day per person... mostly by machine assist. TL3, peak current, we get high hundreds of m³ per day per person, due to better machines. Likewise, TL0, the known extractions are mostly heat and maybe hammers. TL1 is hammers and possibly wind or water driven hammer mills. Later on, steam mills and chemistry TL2 is grinding machines, better chemistry, and extraction commercially viable for poorer ores TL3 improves the grinding, chemistry, and reduced costs to extract. A kilo of copper in a TL 0 culture is a person·month or more. TL 1 it's a week or more. TL2 it's part of a day's work TL3, it's about an hour's work or less. A kilo of billet steel is of little value to a TL0 culture - they can't work it with their techniques. TL1 it's a couple weeks work (based upon japanese sand harvesting being 2-3 weeks for a katana; mined is faster out of the ground, but has to be converted to workable form.) TL2, it's a couple hours base labor to buy. TL3, it's still an hour's base pay for base level labor per kg. (4.5kg for US$39 for bar stock... plus shipping.) But a sword made from that steel is good for all TL's, albeit it's still measurable in personḋays in a decreasing number by TL. Any such comparison list is going to need to account for the vast differences in extraction, preparation, and forming into the needed tool if it's going to be of use.
  21. I couldn't afford the gamer bundle, but jumped on the SG-1 level. I want to be in on the feedback cycle.
  22. I agree it's probably deliberate. It's still bloody fast. Medkits don't have the 10 use limit of D&D, either. I disagree with the assertion it's only good for dungeon crawls. It's pretty decent for Swashbuckling, superspies, and for superheroes.
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