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  1. Besides - some of us are using it for teams out of SGC proper. Why? familiarity. (My current is set in season 1... They're going to see the funeral of Maj Kowalski. The P90 and M9 are both standard issue for certain types of units. (M16 or M4, and M9 for standard forces.) RPGs are by their nature prone to being used for off-label uses. The setting presented in the book feels to me more like SGA or SGU intent.
  2. The Quickstart from the KS has additional materials not in the beta. Most notably the Firefight rules (10m grids, 6 sec turns). A fairly reasonable scale for firefights and vehicular acton, IMO.
  3. Given season 6 as starting point referenced in the vid... the military chain of command looks like this for a phoenix team: POTUS Secretary of the AF: F. Whitten Peters¹ USAF Chief of Staff: Gen. Michael E. Ryan (b.1941)¹ USAF Vice CoS: Gen Ralph Eberhart (b 1946)¹ ² Stargate Command (SGC) CO: MGen George S. Hammond SGC CV &/or XO: ?? Possibly unfilled. Phoenix Stargate Command (PSGC) CO: MGen P.K. Loyer PSGC CV (vice commander) ?? Team Leader I'm not certain whether SGC and PSGC are parallel or if Loyer reports to Hammond. Since I'm doing this for my own group... I'm sticking with subordinate. (A number of such equal rank generals in superior/inferior position are not uncommon.) Note that military doctors also have a second oversight chain - USAFMS Surgeon General, the assistant Surgeon General, and possibly a specialty CO. Likewise, the Engineering staff are subject to the Department of Engineering oversight. I suspect prior to SGC being a major command, it was part of the USAF Space Command. Civilian Oversight - US Congress via committees, all considered vaguely equal Senate Military Affairs Committee Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee Senate Appropriations Committee House Military Affairs Committee House Intelligence Committee House Appropriations Committee Designated members of those committees Designated investigators for those committees. CO PSGC: MGen P.K. Loyer Note that Congress Critters are adversarial even into Destiny season 2. The IOA arises in season 9, so is not represented here. —————————— ¹ Real people. ² Ebert was briefly acting CoS, for 33 days.
  4. Whether the magic item cycle is bad in D&D is a strawman, but it's clear from the feats that it's not intended as part of the rules, by feats making the attacks power up. It was a strawman I didn't care to address; since you bring it up, it's part of the mythic structure many D&D campaigns, wherein it feels if not good, at least reasonable. But in Stargate, the weapons as a whole tend to be fairly stable across the series for each series. SG1, there is the move from P90's to Zats; even then, many missions are P90's. Universe, they never have access to new weapons (excluding the ship's weaponry). So, since you need it spelled out, I do think the magic item cycle is a bad thing to import. And no, the stats for T2K are not very crunchy... range, damage, penetration, recoil by number of rounds in the burst. (Many of the bursts appear to have been worked with fractions retained for the per-round-in-burst calculations for bursts, then rounded, providing a very very slim benefit to autofire... Pen is just how many dice of damage are lost per point of armor... The highest I've seen is 4, but if the worked pen exceeds the damage, it's dropped to the damage, because there was no way to increase the damage dice; crits doubled rolled damage after penetration. Rating real world weapons was doable with a copy of Infantry Weapons of the World... a book filled with very samey pistols in basically 5 categories - body pistols like the PPK and CZ50. light revolvers, police revolvers, heavy revolvers, wrist-breakers. Most rifles were dam 3 pen 1-Nil or 1-1-nil, with anemic ones being 1-2-nil, or even 2-nil., ranges varying between 50 and 70 for short. medium is double that, long quadruple base. Light sport rifles typically 2 damage, pen 2-nil or even just nil. The lack of differentiation is what made it so much a waste of time. (MegaTraveller and Striker small arms had more variation)
  5. You're misreading me. I'm saying the lack of design space isn't a bad thing, because it draws the focus away from the D&D magic item cycle. There's room for a few more, but books of gun-porn are NOT a good thing. I fundamentally think the original post's position is a "really bad idea." I think there is need for more weapons, but definitely not to the weapons supplement level. The number of players wasting time optimizing guns in Traveller: The New Era, Hero System (when not used as Champions), or Mekton Zeta was fundamentally an impediment to actually playing the games.
  6. akaramis

    Why 5e?

    Whether required or not, D&D 5E is the largest selling RPG in the world. It accounts for literally millions of players. And about 75% of those won't even think about a different game engine, for a variety of reasons. For a small company, basing off anything else is going to merely cut the potential sales by more than half. Stargate, likewise, isn't the biggest IP around. FFG got away with Star Wars by several factors: FFG is a long standing powerhouse in the industry; Star Wars is one of the highest grossing IP's ever, and FFG went all out on the public beta. Star Trek RPG space has been fallow for a decade, so going bespoke with a top-10 engine adaptation was a big risk, but it paid off for Modiphius. Alien being done in the house engine of Fria Ligan, the Year Zero Engine, is a case where the RPG space has been fallow for over 20 years, and the prior edition was pretty much a flop. Tales from the Loop was a book first, an RPG second, and a decidedly trippy TV show only after the success of book and game. I'd love to have seen a Genesys version of Stargate, but I can't blame the company at all for going D&D 5 SRD... nor for accepting such a clause, if indeed it was a contractual stipulation. My first read of the beta says it's looking well adapted. Impressed me enough to go for the dead tree.
  7. GDW had 3 supported editions of "Traveller" at one point for about 2 years... (1987-1989) The tail end of distribution on CT, MegaTraveller, and Traveller:2300; the later was not the same setting as the other two, and was also mechanically incompatible... Throughout the early 90's combined Rolemaster and Hero System supplements were made by Iron Crown Enterprises. More recently, The One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth are the same setting fluff, one with a custom d12+(0···6)d6. Fria Ligan intends LotR using a close variant of TOR's mechanics, and a 5E version. Prime Directive is supported in multiple editions: GURPS 4E, D20, D20M; an unsupported older edition is available as well, with a different set of presumptions (PD One). The fluff is, per SVC's orders, invariant between GURPS, D20, and D20M versions. A Mongoose Traveller version is supposedly in the works. It is quite plausible for a company to support multiple lines of the same setting... but it's not common. It's worth noting the example of TOR/AIME... AIME is said to have sold more than 10x as many units, despite hard-core Tolkien fans tending to prefer TOR. Casual fans seem to be much more in favor of AIME; there are crossovers in both camps. I could easily see porting to the Year Zero Engine or d6 system; the question becomes how faithful to the core of the other systems. For what it's worth, the beta is not all that faithful to the D&D 5E SRD. The questiion really is, "Is there a large enough audience for a second core ruleset?" I doubt it. A 5E based one, as heavily adapted as this one is, is almost a bespoke system anyway. Just familiar enough to grab the 5E players willing to branch out a bit. It is likely the best way to get the most people a satisfactory experience.
  8. With the RAW, I don't think so. But I'd like it if it was doable.
  9. Table scale for minis users tends to be a bit of an issue. The typical sizes for Sci Fi games varies widely. Traveller uses 12.7mm=1.5m and 25.4mm=1.5m, with one edition using 25.4mm=2m Ratios: 1:118, 1:59, 1:79 Twilight 2000 2.x used 25.4mm=2m for tactical, and 25.4mm=10m for large scale combat. 1:60 and 1:394 Twilight 2000 4e is using 2cm=10m. (1:50 scale) GURPS uses 1 in= 1yd; that's 1:36 (despite some printings claiming other numbers) Actual minis games usually divorce ground scale and figure scale. Often by 10:1 or 100:1. As in, a minis game using 1:285 micro armor might have 1in = 750 to 800 ft. (7× figure scale) Many actually use 3 or more scales... one for representative figures, another for vehicles, and a third for ground, and sometimes a separate scale for terrain height. A large scale combat system can be cobbled together pretty easily, given 1 grid=1m on core... A 5 round long turn, using a phased movement chart, with an action every phase, but movement on 5m hexes, listed per phase. Speed 5 1/1/1/1/1 Speed 6 1/1/1/1/2 Speed 7 1/1/2/1/2 Speed 8 2/1/2/1/2 Speed 9 2/1/2/2/2 Speed 10 2/2/2/2/2 and so on. Act once per phase, which may include moving. Adds a little complexity, gives 5x the ground scale, doesn't mess with the odds (since you attack the same number of times) (and yes, I give permission to use this with only attribution to Wyvern Games, or, for that matter, any other.)
  10. weapon creation as a part of the rules tends, in my experience, to result in a lot of non-play use and almost as much GM saying, "Not in my game." I like a lower level of detail; for example I'm glad the beta doesn't show ‹Pistol, 9mmN›, ‹Pistol 9mmT›, ‹Pistol, .38s› etc... I wouldn't mind a few more levels... say, Light/Medium/Heavy in each of Pistols, SMGs, and Rifles. I will note one thing: Even if Gen Loyer allows free choice, Supply's going to only resupply the "usual rounds"... "Sure, you can carry your 9mm Winchester. But you'll have to buy the ammo yourself when on leave on Earth..." That said, it's a great excuse for restricting access to overpowered weapons. Especially since, if you learn to use one, the Ma'tok isn't a bad weapon at all. Nor the Zat'. Remember: AFMC (USAF Materials Command) is a 4-star slot. We only see 2 stars in SGC... Bottom line? The game's not about the weapons, but about the exploration and its risks and benefits.
  11. Greetings and wishes of health to one and all! I made the mistake of decision to mention the Kickstarter to my Alaska group (that's what the AK represents). I'm not a hardcore Stargate fan, but consider myself at least as much a stargate fan as I am a fan of Dune... which is to say, I've enjoyed reexperiencing the series more than once. Taking a good hard look through the beta, finding it interesting, since 3 of my 6 rotating players are decidedly interested we all are at least casual fans... and so decided to back. Then, likeing what I saw when I dug in... we start playing in just over a week with what is available in the beta. Long-time gamer, degree in history, a couple exams and 1 course shy of a Bachelor's of Music Performance, student teaching shy of MAEd... SCA Herald (curently Lion's Blood Submissions Herald, An Tir), credited in playtests for FFG (Star Wars), BTRC (EABA 1e), Modiphius (STA), Mongoose (Mongoose Traveller 1E), QLI (Traveller T20). I also run the official Traveller boards for Marc Miller dba FFE. I have worked a variety of interesting jobs - National Archives archives aide, executive assistant in a small non-profit, public school teacher, private strings and computer programming instruction, elections worker. Currently I'm in the greater Corvallis area of Oregon. Just completed a playtest for another company, so my Alaska group will be playing the beta starting next week. My local group is playing Vaesen... and have played Star Trek Adventures, Alien, Sentinel Comics. I'm active on Fria Liagan's forums, RPGG/BGG and EnWorld, as well as COTI. My preferred pronouns are masculine.
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