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  1. Well, i remember that there were other devices that would let a person dial out by passing the DHD they where small and hand held, but i would think that the one made like at SG! would only work if there was not one already connected, much like the manual dialing they did in many of the shows.
  2. Hellfist

    Portable DHD

    a portable DHD on the malp that requires a laptop to use to dial but requires to be connected to the gate to power it, this only works if the world they open to does not have a DHD of it's own other wise it would default to that DHD first or could be overridden by a hand held one that some of the Goa'uld and others had. As i thought with technology as it is this is not too far-fetched, the MALP might even require a naquada powwer source to boost the out put to run the gate or have a special MALP that already has one built in with the device and onboard dial device integrated. It would not be a standard issue and only deployed in case the team was on a planet that didn't have a dial device.
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