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  1. Oof sorry to hear that. I figured I'd throw in my input in case it was useful. Doesn't sound like it was. If you did end up going the route of scaling everything, you might be able to separate the gate into 3-4 prints. Would be a real pain and probably not worth it. I don't suppose you can print the staff separately and cut it and glue it onto the hands? The staff would still be oversized, but maybe a disproportionately large staff isn't the worst approach?
  2. I took a quick look and I agree, something is off there. I think initiative bonus would be +2 not +3, since initiative is based on either Wisdom or Dexterity. With a 10 in Dexterity and a 15 in Wisdom, the higher score is 2. With that same Dexterity score, the to-hit modifier would be whatever the character's proficiency modifier is. At levels 1-3, it's +2. Are those the same numbers you were thinking?
  3. I considered buying the STLs, but I play with friends virtually so it didn't make sense to me. I only use an FDM printer myself, and have over the past few months started seriously printing minis for an in person DnD game. In my limited experience (big caveat: I've never looked at the models released for this game), if a model is not meant for FDM, it's going to be hard to print on an FDM printer. However, there are some tricks you can try Slow down your print speed. Seriously. I get excellent prints on my Ender 3 with 50 mm/s normally, but run minis at no higher than 20 mm/s unless they were meant for an FDM printer. Play around with support settings. Tree supports are fantastic for small models like minis. Another trick for a model with a lot of detail is to rotate it 45 degrees back so it is on its back while printing, and support it from the back. This helps to ensure any little bits that stick out in front like pouches or similar don't need to be connected to supports. I use Cura, which has a free plugin in its marketplace for adding supports to a model wherever you would like. Figure out exactly what temperature to use. I managed to get a decent (not perfect, but well within tolerance for what I needed) of 90 degrees for about half an inch without a support because the filament was coming out at a cold enough temperature that it hardened almost instantly. I use this model whenever I use a new filament to really fine tune the temperature of the filament: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3329956 . That made the difference between minis that look like Devin's photos and ones that came out perfectly (again, I'm not printing the Stargate models, I'm printing miniatures for DnD, so I can't give specific help on these models). Open blender or some other 3d modeling software and make some alterations to some of the thinner fiddly bits that break off. I had a model I was trying to print recently where the character had an arm up in the air. I tried 3-4 times printing it as-is before I finally replaced the arm with a thicker one that blended in with the rest of the model, and that made a huge difference without compromising on how it looked. You might need to print something like a staff weapon separately and glue it on later with something like gorilla glue. If you're new to your printer or the filament you're working with, figure out what settings you need to get something like this https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2806295 printing cleanly (do the temperature tower first so you have one less setting to tune). Hopefully that's helpful to someone! If I decide to buy any of the STLs myself I'll let you guys know what my experiences are with printing them on my Ender 3! What if you were to scale all of the models the same amount? Say 10% or so? (Once again, I've never actually seen what they look like, so maybe that's impractical. I'm just thinking out loud)
  4. Not a bad option. Personally I like options 2-4 of the list. Making players go back and play through earlier episodes may not be feasible. Unless people are willing to regularly run those earlier episodes, when you have someone new join an existing party it would potentially exclude them. I like to think of it as similar to how the cast of characters can change from season to season (or sometimes rarely in the middle of a season). In my experience, this works if and only if the rest of the party is willing to accommodate the handicap. And it is a handicap, because even if you went from 4 level 5s to 4 level 5s and a level one, the party is distracted by having to keep the level one alive. Of course, this is my experience from 5e DnD, not SG rpg. On the other hand, AC is a lot higher in SG than in 5e (a tactical vest and a helmet that anyone can use provides 17-22 AC), and combat is generally less important in Stargate, and in combat, it is balanced even more on the players' side than it is in 5e (most of the time, jaffa will be firing at you with disadvantage unless they are practically on top of you, for example).
  5. I have also wondered this! What I would like to see when new episodes are released, ideally, would be a forum post outlining: What episode(s) have been released in this announcement A link to the file (it took me another week after Sazeral's comment to find the files because they aren't in the same places as the first two, which aren't in the same places as the four side missions, which again aren't in the same place as episodes 3 and 4). The date by which mission reports should be filed to be considered for the living series If there is a rough idea of when the next episode(s) will be released, what is that time frame (as vague as necessary, but as specific as possible). I didn't even know there were side missions released until I saw another forum post talking about them. Without Sazeral's comment, I wouldn't have known that episodes 3 and 4 were made available yet.
  6. And by proxy, weapon tech level, as with that optional rule, if it is too far below the armor, then the armor grants resistance to the weapon's damage. However, specific to your question about a bow, the stats given are, tech level 1, 1d6 damage, range 50/200 m. To increase to tech level 2, as a GM in my game I might look at options like increasing die size (1d6 v 1d8 "feels" like a bigger increase than it mathematically is). Of course, this puts it slightly above the effective power of a pistol/sidearm which would have equivalent damage but lower max range, and you wouldn't need to reload it. Personally, I think that is reasonably accurate, but it would likely vary by GM. Another GM might say, "No, a bow is and always will be a tech level 1 weapon." From a flavor standpoint, a simple bow we might see a villager in Stargate using would be very different from a modern compound or long bow.
  7. That's awesome! Thanks for all your hard work on the series!
  8. Thanks Sazeral. When should I expect them to be available on the website? The four side missions are up now and I'm able to download those at least. If they're available for others, how do I go about getting in touch with support? Also, since there's a 6 week time window in which people are expected to run them, can there please be some kind of announcement when new episodes are available? I just stumbled across the side missions today. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! I was trying to figure out if it was something on my end. I got pretty excited since the first two episodes were released April 1st, and even with character creation and relatively short sessions, my group finished those at the beginning of May. I expect there to be some time in between releases of episodes to give people time to report and have those reports read, so it makes sense that there's a gap between episodes. Hopefully it will be much shorter now that the core rulebook has been finalized!
  10. I see links for episodes three and four under episodes. They have descriptions but no downloads. I purchased the season pass last year during the Kickstarter and it was mentioned the episodes would come out this month. Are other people seeing files for these episodes? Thanks!
  11. Is there a (rough) schedule for season one of the living series somewhere? I see that there has been a link for episode 3 up for a couple weeks, but no download yet. Is there any timeline on when it would be made available? Similarly, does the season as a whole have a timeline of roughly when episodes will be released? I realize that with six weeks to run each episode and then after mission reports to read through we're talking easily two months between episode releases. Is that a fair expectation of timing? Thanks!
  12. Aranduran


    Outcome: Success


    Number of Players: 4

    Gatemaster: Aranduran

    The players convinced the Jaffa in the facility to surrender and showed them the remains of Tawaret Typo: Resolution Success of Palila notes that she will talk to Hatana when it should say Tolii/Sulo
  13. Outcome: Success


    Number of Players: 4

    Gatemaster: Aranduran

    Success as a team in Encounter 2: You Shot Me Successfully calmed Em'lyn Successfully treated comrade after they received a face-full of coolant Found Wepwawet's symbol in the supply depot and identified it Successfully repaired and dialed the DHD Surrendered to Jaffa and were taken prisoner Escaped with Karasha with help from unknown/unnamed woman No one from SG-P was killed or seriously wounded in the adventure (apart from expected coolant burns)
  14. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like the longarm upgrade kit definition you're working with is something your GM came up with? I haven't seen any rules around it in either the full pdf on this site or the individual chapters from the kickstarter. If I am understanding you correctly, making up a ruling for it makes sense when there doesn't seem to be an official ruling. It's still weird to me that there doesn't seem to be one. If there is an official ruling, can you please point to where you're seeing the information? Thanks!
  15. Additional, someone pointed this section out in another thread (I don't remember exactly where I saw it, sorry). Given the below, what would an upgrade kit do that is not possible in the loadout as part of mission prep? The rules imply these upgrades are already available.
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