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  1. Thanks! I was trying to figure out if it was something on my end. I got pretty excited since the first two episodes were released April 1st, and even with character creation and relatively short sessions, my group finished those at the beginning of May. I expect there to be some time in between releases of episodes to give people time to report and have those reports read, so it makes sense that there's a gap between episodes. Hopefully it will be much shorter now that the core rulebook has been finalized!
  2. I see links for episodes three and four under episodes. They have descriptions but no downloads. I purchased the season pass last year during the Kickstarter and it was mentioned the episodes would come out this month. Are other people seeing files for these episodes? Thanks!
  3. Is there a (rough) schedule for season one of the living series somewhere? I see that there has been a link for episode 3 up for a couple weeks, but no download yet. Is there any timeline on when it would be made available? Similarly, does the season as a whole have a timeline of roughly when episodes will be released? I realize that with six weeks to run each episode and then after mission reports to read through we're talking easily two months between episode releases. Is that a fair expectation of timing? Thanks!
  4. Aranduran


    Outcome: Success


    Number of Players: 4

    Gatemaster: Aranduran

    The players convinced the Jaffa in the facility to surrender and showed them the remains of Tawaret Typo: Resolution Success of Palila notes that she will talk to Hatana when it should say Tolii/Sulo
  5. Outcome: Success


    Number of Players: 4

    Gatemaster: Aranduran

    Success as a team in Encounter 2: You Shot Me Successfully calmed Em'lyn Successfully treated comrade after they received a face-full of coolant Found Wepwawet's symbol in the supply depot and identified it Successfully repaired and dialed the DHD Surrendered to Jaffa and were taken prisoner Escaped with Karasha with help from unknown/unnamed woman No one from SG-P was killed or seriously wounded in the adventure (apart from expected coolant burns)
  6. Is it intentional that one of the boxes is labeled "AC Jaffa Helmet"? It seems like that would only apply to either very specific situations or specific characters. Please let me know if I'm missing something here. Thanks!
  7. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like the longarm upgrade kit definition you're working with is something your GM came up with? I haven't seen any rules around it in either the full pdf on this site or the individual chapters from the kickstarter. If I am understanding you correctly, making up a ruling for it makes sense when there doesn't seem to be an official ruling. It's still weird to me that there doesn't seem to be one. If there is an official ruling, can you please point to where you're seeing the information? Thanks!
  8. Additional, someone pointed this section out in another thread (I don't remember exactly where I saw it, sorry). Given the below, what would an upgrade kit do that is not possible in the loadout as part of mission prep? The rules imply these upgrades are already available.
  9. On page 55 the soldier class has Equipment Kit You add a longarm upgrade kit to your base kit. There is no longarm upgrade kit elsewhere in the rules pdf. Other classes have a toolkit they are proficient with and is added to their base kit, and is described in the equipment chapter. What does a longarm upgrade kit do? I see that the soldier does not have proficiency with it, was this supposed to be swapped out for a camo kit as part of some earlier revision? Thanks!
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