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  1. LeonPNK


    Rank 1 Unas

    Class: Soldier

    One of the slaves further out in the grasslands of the world that Shakah spired to bring freedom to. He was nicknamed Stephen by the visitors from earth and adopted that name as his new free name. Stephen has now chosen to dedicate his life to free the people who are enslaved on other worlds. Stephen.pdf
  2. Personally I would like to play my character at the lower level and if we succeed it will result in greater rewards. This would result in gameplay that is more tension filled and rewarding. Obviously I can do this regardless of what the rules say.
  3. LeonPNK


    Rank 1 Tok'ra

    Class: Scientist

    Noel' is a student of math and its intersection with society and how it impacts cultural proclivities Sintash is interested in gathering of knowledge in all its forms Noel'-Sintash.pdf
  4. LeonPNK


    Rank 1 Jaffa

    Class: Scout

  5. LeonPNK

    Floyd Roland

    Rank 1 Human

    Class: Engineer

    Tollan Helped create the bombs for the Goa'uld Fought in the resistance, stayed up all night hiding and making raids Now seeks nothing but a way to bring safety back to his homeworld. Floyd Roland.pdf
  6. LeonPNK

    Leon Tumnus

    Rank 1 Aturen

    Class: Diplomat

    As a distant relative of the great Tulrak Leon comes from the mother's side of that once great leader and has inherited their characteristic capacity for leadership. When the visitors from earth first encountered the Aturen; Tulrak was one of the first to seek out ways of engaging with this new young people group. Tulrak saw the opportunity to bring peace to the galaxy through passing on the principles of stewardship of all creation and affirming beliefs in diplomacy and non agression. Leon is the first Aturen to pass the rigorous requirements for leading a SG phoenix team. Leon Tumnus.pd
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