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  1. To me, They are even designing the classes around their SGP1 Squad. I hate to say this, but the whole CRB is just based around phoenix's main squad, it can be said its just Stargate themed. Change some enemies, ships, the roles a tad bit and this could be a star wars or star trek based book. You're a part of Starfleet command's top secret task force to save galaxy from the Dominion..... One of us here eventually will make NPCs, rules, weapons and whatnot, and share them for running out of Cheyenne. I don't expect to see that in the rules, unfortunately. It really should be. we'll see though
  2. there is an akimbo feat that makes two sidearms count as one attack, but lets you reroll one's. not entirely sure how useful it'd truly be
  3. Hi guys. Found this little gem and backed it on kickstarter. I look forward to working with everyone to shape this system into the best system possible. If anyone is looking for another beta tester for their campaign, let me know.
  4. Weapon Range issue: They lumped a Sniper rifle in with SMGs and called them long arms. The Sniper can hit 1800m out, but the rest cant. Suggestion to fix the weapon range issue: Make Sniper rifles a Sniper proficiency, keep the listed range of 200-1800m these are probably only going to be used out of combat/to start combat/by people stationed away from an ongoing firefight. a "scout rifle" with shorter range that is more usable in a firefight as an active participant, would be another choice. Make the "longarms" a 50/200 range Other option is to scrap the range entirely. Most firefights are going to take place within 500 meters of each other, realistically being -300 meters. Just tack on a range penalty for sidearms past 40-50 meters and bows past 60 meters or there about. As to the tabletop grid issue. Switch from the 1 meter increments to 2 meter increments(close to standard 5ft) and that should solve most of the issues with all weapons except the sniper.
  5. Make an it an option to choose between organ targeting and another feat that boosts healing checks on stopping bleeding or something similar
  6. Longarms would be long range Rifles and Sniper rifles. SMGs and AR15 based weapons would fall under a carbine category if there was one. That is just my interpretation of the weapons however. Realistically speaking, it sounds like they are building the class around the Unas Scout they have in mind rather then a general scout class. Scout should have a choice of either Longarms or shotgun proficiency. Bow is under Common right now as has been mentioned, and should stay there. If they wish to push the bow, give them an optional bow specialization feat at some point.
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