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  1. Good question. Seems forum discussion is kind of low. Didn't know if that was because people moved elsewhere or engagement was just that low. I thought there would have been a spike after the rules release last week but it seems kind of slow here.
  2. There are and have been for some time kids toys that do a real time voice change to robot or amplitude shifting. I was checking to see if any were a good approximation of a Goa’uld.
  3. IT isn't real time though right? Or is it?
  4. Brad from Kansas City here. Doesn’t seem to be a lot of activity on the boards. I have seen mention of a discord. Is there an official one? I thought after the official release of the rules there would be more activity on the boards.
  5. I’m several episodes people who have or have had Goa’uld could detect the presence of a symbiont. I haven’t gone over the rules with a fine toothed comb, but is there a mechanic for that?
  6. Does anyone know of a good toy or app that is a good real time voice changer that approximates a Gou'ald . I have found a couple of apps that you can record and replay that don't do too bad, but a kids megaphone voice changer toy that did a good job would be idea.
  7. I just asked about this. Most RPGs have a walkthrough of a simple module as an example of play. I was hoping they would publish one
  8. Torg Eternity has a secondary market called Infiniverse Exchange where people can sell their own supplements and modules as long as they meet a certain set of guidelines. They do it through drive through RPG. Is something like that going to happen for Stargate. It would really promote exploring a large galaxy of content. Though I could see MGM having issues with that.
  9. Is there an introduction module that walks through the adventure for the game master as well as the players. Walks through the appropriate rules at the appropriate times?
  10. Is there a system for the designation? IT seems they all start with P if they all start with P what is the point of if the P?
  11. Is there a compiled list of Stargate SG1 Established systems and their designations a and possibly gate addresses. As well as ones that were added for this game?
  12. Bmongar

    Campaign Idea

    I am kicking around an idea for a home campaign once the books are finished. It would start with a mission to explore a new world where they find a Goa'uld laboratory. After fighting some guardian and hacking the door into they lab they discover some genetic research performed by Naraka a Goa'uld researcher formerly in service of Nirṛti. There are several slides with dna samples as well as some preserved symbiote specimens and some gate addresses not on the Abydos cartouche. Analyzing the research shows she was researching transforming a symbiote into a queen. The Tok'Ra are very interested in this technology. Further analysis reveals that it can only be performed on a larva symbiote. The dna slides contain different stages of human development. It is evident she was also researching Hok'Taur In going to the different new addresses they discover a modified sarcophagus that instead of healing will rejuvenate, reverse aging. Despite the risks of using a sarcophagus the Tok'Ra representative decides a single use is worth the risk of having a queen Tok'Ra to propagate the line. The representative is removed from the host, rejuvenated, and is given the royal serum (like royal jelly for ants) then implanted in a new host. What was not evident from the research was the rejuvenation process is far more corrupting than healing in a sarcophagus. The Tok'Ra now evil pushes the team to find Naraka's remaining labs. They eventually find Hok'Taur preserved in stasis which the Tok'Ra then inhabits and escapes the team. He then gathers support to become a small but rising system lord. He also knows of the base and all the current Tok'Ra operation. The feedback I am interested in is some transition events and possible combat challenges along the way.
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