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Algernon Pike

By Algernon Pike
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Algernon is a Hebridian male currently serving as an advisor to Phoenix Command. Algernon grew up working with Serrakin engineers on various drive systems and other projects. He was not from a rich family so he wasn't able to attend the best schools, but he got by pretty well focusing more on science and tinkering than making profits. He was able to work on a couple Looper ships early in his life and got hooked on juicing engines. He was not just an ion head though and became politically involved in anti-Goa'uld political organizations which pushed for the Hebridian government to take a more active role in the galactic affairs by opposing the system lords.

When he became frustrated by the political setbacks on Hebridia, he set out to find the Tau'ri which had begun to make a name for themselves with their open resistance against the Goa'uld and the powerful system lords. Through many adventures and tight scrapes he was able to contact the SGC and was assigned as an advisor to the Phoenix Site in their operations due to his skills and knowledge of various human and other species who fell outside Goa'uld control.

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