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  1. Mal


    So I've been thinking about combat and I feel like it needs to have enough depth to be stay interesting. So I want to out a few concepts I feel should be in the game. Flanking In 5e, you flank when two character are in melee range on opposite sides of the target. In stargate, I think flanking should be a bit more potent. You should be able to flank at 90 degrees and from range. This could be overwritten by specific class abilities. Suppression You should be able to trade ammunition per round for a standing attack against an area and force targets to take cover. There would need to be mechanics to handle targets evading your fire, probably a Dex check. Equally,being able to pin the players down might be useful and good for RP. Multi-attack Some classes and weapon combos should be capable of attacking multiple targets if they are in proximity to one another. Damage could be spread between them or separate rolls made as in D&D 5e. Damage Gun damage usually relates to calibre and ammunition and this could get really messy really quick. Qualities like 'armour piercing' also make it a bit more complex but need to be accounted for. Different calibres would presumably be different damage dice. I don't know how AP would play in that environment. Can you guys think of any other concepts or issues relating to combat mechanics.
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