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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, name's Jake and I'm looking forward to getting into some games of this system. Haven't done too much, mostly Shadowrun 5E and a little D&D, so don't ask me to GM, but I'm up for a good game. Already working on a few character ideas. My brain says ex-Jaffa, for the weapon skills and healing, but I'm leaning towards the idea of a refugee Abydonian. (probably stems from reading all 5 of the movie sequel novels) Wondering if a medieval Knight could work, say from the Unas Devil world from season 3, though that would seem to be limiting as it would suggest a greatsword or o
  2. Hi everyone, I'm Milo. I live outside of Washington, DC, USA. I've been a Stargate fan for more than a decade and have recently restarted watching SG-1. I have limited table-top gaming experience, having only played D&D a handful of times. However, an RPG in the SG universe is exactly what I need to push me into the community! Best, Milo
  3. Role-playing since the early 70s, old grognard here. I enjoyed the movie, the TV show and various Fan conventions of SG1. I have a background in: Military, Medical, Excel, Role playing and GMing. I hope to be able to help add content, Edit and assist with writing missions.
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