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  1. Hello, I want to play-test this game and my local group isn't really excited about "new games". So I am here. I was informed that Roll20 had some support for the Wyvern System, there is a Character Sheet. Now I need three or four folks who are capable and willing and have the nondisclosure stuff done. That would be some of you. I am an experienced GM for D&D and for Call of Cthulhu, and I enjoy Stargate. though I have not seen every episode of the SG1 series, I am working on it. I have watched Atlantis and Universe through a couple times. Because of COVID I was forced out of my bubble to try a few platforms for online play and so far Roll20 has worked best for me and my gaming group. I would like to start with one session of three or four people , a two to four hour time-frame and run on a Friday night, a Sunday afternoon or Monday night (I am in the central United States timezone). Post here is interested and if we get enough maybe we can start a Group in the Play section.
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