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Found 2 results

  1. Fellow gate travelers, I am incredibly excited for the official release of Stargate RPG, as a long-time fan of the franchise I can't wait to dive deeper into my favorite sci-fi series. I'm also a podcaster and I always enjoy finding a way to blend my hobbies. I wanted to reach out here to see if there were any players interested in coming together (3, maybe 4) and starting a monthly real-play podcast that follows the season(s). I backed the project fully and have access to all the official materials from Wyvern Gaming, and I thought this would be a great way to get even further into the community. I've been podcasting since 2019, and I've been a DM for D&D 5e for about six years now so I'm pretty familiar with the system. If you might be interested in this I would love to chat with you more and see what this could look like.
  2. Hey all! Name is Mike "The Birdman" and I'm one of the hosts of the podcast, Thisweekingeek.net Really excited to join this community and be apart of the game in some capacity. My group and I are already planning to develop an actual play podcast based on this. I hired our theme song composer on the other day and literally hired my artist this morning. Our show's first season will be called Stargate SG-TWIG (Tactical weapons intergration group) and if we do a side story we'll have Tactics weapons & intelligence gathering We are so excited to join the Phoenix site and be apart of the SG program
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