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Homebrew Race - THE ASGARD 1.0.0

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About This File

Hey! So I'm super excited to run my first one-shot, but I was a little disappointed that the Asgard weren't considered as a playable race - so, I decided to homebrew up my own version!

Included in this document is a short bio about The Asgard and The Vanir (such as Loki, as seen in the episode Fragile Balance) and everything needed to create a PC of this race!

Things to note: I mostly used the other playable races as a starting point, so there's not much new stuff, and hence less risk for imbalance in a game. The biggest changes I made include giving the Asgard and Vanir a base movement speed of 5m (similar to halflings/gnomes/dwarves in 5e having a 25ft movement speed) and, due to their physical fragility, giving the Asgard a +6 to HP instead of +8 or +10 (I deemed the Vanir a little hardier, seeing as they've adapted to working alone without the backup of the greater Asgard populace, and thus they retain a +8). To make up for these two shortcomings, and to greater display their intellect, I've given the Asgard a +3 to their choice of Intelligence or Wisdom ability modifiers, instead of +2.

Feedback is, of course, absolutely welcome! Hope this will make that one player at your table very happy!

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What's New in Version 1.0.0   See changelog


(fixed text error on original document)

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eXP Fatigue

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Dude, this is awesome. I can't wait to experiment with this. Well done.

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I was invited to run this RPG at the next Twisted Lords Con in OKC this summer.

There were several people interested when I mentioned that I had backed the kickstarter and would be getting the core rulebook.

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