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  • Iconic Engineer Bervell Levels 1-3 By Sazeral

    • 2875
    A refugee from Tollana, Bervell burns with a desire to punish the Goa’uld System Lords. Shortly after finishing his studies,the Goa’uld Anubis sent his emissary and Bervell watched as his people were forced to flee their home. One by one, the ships were shot down, killing everyone he’d known and loved.    Bervell spent months in isolation, hiding in the ruins of his homeworld and attempting to call for help. Risking his life so that the universe would know his people’s fate, he managed
  • Iconic Soldier A'tir Levels 1-3 By Sazeral

    • 2655
    When A’tir went through the Prim’tah, he knew he and his symbiote were destined for greatness. For a decade, he served as guard to his master, never thinking to question his God. He served faithfully and diligently.   Eventually, A’tir started to hear whispers of a Jaffa who was shol’vah and betrayed his Master. A’tir listened. Perhaps his Master wasn’t without flaw. The shadows of questions formed as triflings piled up and as the cracks in his God’s mask began to show.  With swift cert
  • Iconic Soldier Rodriguez Levels 1-3 By Sazeral

    • 2509
    Originally from Puerto-Rico, Captain Selena Rodriguez was the youngest Air Force Pilot to reach the rank of Captain after she was thrust into the lead of a squad when her commander was shot down over Bosnia. In March 2000, Capt. Rodriguez, was diverted from her patrols of the Pacific Ocean for a strange mission that involved what she later found out was a crashing spaceship.  Capt. Rodriguez was instrumental in keeping other Earth forces away from the crash site while it was covered up.
  • Iconic Scout Oringo Levels 1-3 By Sazeral

    • 2360
    Oringo was a key player in the bloody revolt against the System Lord, seeking freedom for his people and their human allies. He rarely fought on the front lines, but his infiltration prowess got him into, and out of, places that few could breach. After obtaining a vital piece of logistical information the Tau’ri from the Stargate were able to launch an assault and free his people.  Where his intel had helped the freedom fighters determine their next step, this blow saw several planets liber
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