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Community-wide rules

  1. Abide by Canadian and International laws
    Our website is hosted in Canada, and as such all materials on it must abide by Canadian and international laws.
  2. Do not post copyrighted material
    Copyrighted material is generally illegal to distribute, and is not allowed on the site unless permission is granted by the copyright holder. Examples of copyrighted material include episodes of the Stargate television series, PDFs of Stargate the RPG missions, etc. Do not ask for such copyrighted material either, unless asking specifically for the proper way to obtain them.
  3. Be considerate of other members
    Do not intentionally offend other members or write slanderous comments. Keep in mind that CAPS LOCK is generally considered shouting and should only be used accordingly.
  4. Do not post inappropriate content
    Posting pornographic, vulgar, explicit, or otherwise inappropriate content is forbidden. Swearing is acceptable in moderation (read: when used as a part of normal speech to add emphasis or meaning); in excess it qualifies as inappropriate content. This includes inappropriate words in usernames.
  5. Do not advertise
    Promoting anything exclusively for your own benefit or that is not related to the topic at hand is considered an advertisement. Blatant ads will not be tolerated anywhere on the forums, even the off-topic boards.
  6. Do not spam
    In other words, do not post unnecessary or irrelevant messages on any part of the site. Use common sense and pay attention to what other users do and don't post; it should give you an idea of what is acceptable.
  7. Follow the reporting procedure if you think another member is not abiding by these rules
    If you come across another user that is violating these rules, you may politely point it out to that individual, assuming they have not been notified already. However, moderation should be left to the staff; do not attempt to take matters into your own hands. The correct course of action is to use the report button if on the forums. As always, be patient.
  8. Do not misuse the report button
    The "Report" button is intended to be used to notify us of posts that you think are breaking our rules. Please do not use it simply to ask questions or because you disagree with the author's opinion; in these situations the correct course of action is to reply to the post or private message the author.  (Note that you will not be penalized for reporting something if you think it's against the rules when it turns out to not be; this rule only applies to reporting something for the wrong reasons.)

Forum-specific rules

  1. Post threads in the appropriate forum
    It should be pretty clear where any given thread goes, but if it isn't just post it in one of the general boards and a staff member will move it if necessary. This rule will be flexible for new users but repeat offenders may face consequences.
  2. Stay on-topic
    For the sake of simplicity, please create a new thread if you start getting too far away from the topic of the original.
  3. Be specific when titling your topics
    A topic title should give others a good idea of what your thread is about without them actually visiting it. 
  4. Do not stretch the page
    Page stretching is done when someone posts an extremely large image or amount of text and it causes the page to stretch horizontally or vertically. If you have a large image, long code, or other material that may stretch the page, put it in a spoiler block so that other members can read around it comfortably.

Consequences - The Warning System

We use Invision Community's warning system to keep track of rule violations. Each violation of the rules is given a point value and a length of time. When a rule is broken, a moderator will select the corresponding warning from the list below. The point value of that warning is added to the offending user's total warning points, and when that number reaches or exceeds certain values, consequences such as losing the ability to post will result.

Keep in mind that custom warnings of any point value can be issued in the event that the violation does not fit one of the items below. We also reserve the right to give a longer or permanent ban for repetitive, severe, or deliberate violations of the rules.

Warning reasons:

  • Posting copyrighted material
    • Points: 5
    • Expires: 90 days
  • Posting blatant pornographic content
    • Instant ban
  • Posting mild inappropriate content
    • Points: 3
    • Expires: 90 days
  • Spam/off-topic
    • Points: 1
    • Expires: 30 days
  • Misusing the report button
    • Points: 1
    • Expires: 30 days
  • Flaming/trolling - User is being intentionally offensive
    • Points: 2
    • Expires: 3 months
  • Asking for copyrighted material
    • Points: 1
    • Expires: 3 months

Warning outcomes:

  • 5 points: Content requires moderator approval for 7 days
  • 10 points: Restricted from posting for 14 days
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