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LEGO Ship Model files (compatible with Bricklink and Webrick) 1.0.0

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A ship battle just isn't as good without a great set of models on your battle map! I've designed and built a few LEGO ships for my own Stargate games, and figured I'd share the raw files with you guys, so you can build your own fleets for your players to pilot and battle themselves!


Inside this zipped folder, you'll find a list of .io files (compatible with Bricklink Studio 2.0) which show each of the models in 3D. These are:

  • An F302 Fighter
  • A Death Glider
  • A Tel'tak Transport
  • An Al'kesh Bomber
  • An X-303 (Prometheus) Warship
  • A Ha'tak Pyramid Ship
  • A Belisknir Class Asgard Warship
  • An O'neill Class Asgard Warship
  • A Puddle Jumper (pods open and closed)
  • and a MALP Probe

To view each ship and its parts in 3D space (helps when building each model), be sure to download Bricklink's Studio 2.0 program.

If you don't wish to download Bricklink 2.0, then look inside the PARTS folder to find excel documents. These list each of the parts needed to build each model, and are directly compatible with Webrick.com's upload tool, which can be used to order the individual parts much more cheaply than on Bricklink (this is how I ordered and built my own models).


Additional Links:

And here's the FREE DOWNLOAD to the rules and stat blocks of these vehicles for grid combat!


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