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She grew up on the on Teralos until she was nine. The Goa'uld attacked her people and laid waste to her home planet. a group of 20 of them were able to escape through the gate. The Goa'uld has been chasing them and killing the group one by one. until there were three of them left and they decided to split up and make it harder for the Goa'uld to find them. By the age of 15 ,she ventured to many planets and learned the different cultures. The goa'uld found her on a back water world and chased her to a waterfall where she was shot and fell off the waterfall. she was found by an unknown group and transported to a hidden world of the Nox where they healed her and taught her how be one with nature. 2 years later, the Goa'uld came to the planet to hunt the Fenri. They found her instead and captured her to be brought before the Goa'uld Lord Imhotep. Enroute she escaped and ran into an SG team, whom she asked for protection from the Goa'uld, from there she was willing to help the SGC in the fight against the Goa'uld. She also wanted to figure out why the Goa'uld were so intent in capturing her alive.

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