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Liam McGregor

By SDScott
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Born in 1760, Dr. Liam is a man out of time. He is a grumpy old man in a 30 yr old body. He is a friend, specially cared for by the Asgard. Liam's brother Angus was an 18th century explorer who became shipwrecked in the Bermuda triangle and discovered an Asgard pocket dimension in a jungle cave. He was able to escape the dimension, but not on earth but rather on the Asgard home-world of Othala in the Ida galaxy. Angus was appreciated for his contribution to genetic struggle of the Asgard, so when he became injured in a replicator attack, the little gray guys abducted Liam to be a matching organ donor for Angus. Liam was returned to earth where Angus left - on a deserted island in the pocket dimension within the Bermuda triangle. The Asgard check on his well-being regularly and bring him to their home-world for check ups and rest. They return him to the island (less likeable than Angus) where he learns nature, survival, and heals the natives over generations. An SG team discovered Liam walking the halls of an Asgard cruiser wearing argyle socks and drinking tea. He has the attitude of an older person who can say and do what he wants. Other humans seem like children to him. He knows how to use some Asgard tech but continually tries to catch up on earth advancements saying, "Well, that gizmo sure makes the process easier." Liam was assigned to Phoenix for security reasons and for his medical/survival skill.

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