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Riz'a was a Jaffa soldier that served Khonsu, a high ranking Tok'ra who had posed as a Goa'uld. Riz'a felt indebted to Khonsu for learning the truth. Knowing their species still required symbiotes to survive, Riz'a saw the Tok'ra Council as her and her people's true salvation from living in ignorance and slavery. Riz'a was very loyal to Khonsu and the Tok'ra and dutifly took the role as one of his enforcers. The fury she felt for the Goa'uld fueled her intimidating presence and her actions whenever she was given orders by the Council or Khonsu. After Khonsu was executed by Her'ak and her cover blown, Riz'a joined Phoenix Site to continue the cause in a way less connected to the Tok'ra to put them in the line of fire, as her and her people need them alive.

She is in a relationship with Cha'hai [H] Telkolryn [S]. A Tok'ra spy that also worked under Khonsu.

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