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Linsensa, Tollan Healer

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Linsensa was born on Tollan about 50 years prior to the exodus of her people in 1998 (Earth time) to Tollana [“Enigma”]. On her home world she was a healer, an ancient and revered profession. She is the youngest daughter of Omoc and she was a devoted follower of his beliefs on non-interventionism, isolationism, and Tollan racial superiority. However, when her father was returned to his family in 2001 by the efforts of the Nox and SG-1 [“Between Two Fires”], she started to reconsider her original assessment of the Tau’ri. She was especially taken with Dr. Daniel Jackson, the handsome archaeologist from Earth.

Still, she was immensely proud when her father became a member of the Curia. She truly believed that his inclusion into that august body demonstrated their respect for his philosophy and personal beliefs, beliefs that exemplified all that was wise and good about their advanced civilization. However, when she was told by her father’s disciple Narim that the Curia had arranged for Councilman Omoc’s assassination because he objected to the Curia’s cowardly capitulation to Tanith and the Goa'uld in 2001 [“Between Two Fires”], she was at first shocked and then outraged. Omoc had become the first person to be murdered in Tollana's history! It was then that Linsensa seriously started considering that she should join the Tau’ri in their mission against the Goa’uld.

The Goa’uld then helped her make that choice.

After the Goa’uld destroyed Tollana in retaliation for the destruction of their phase-device weapons, some of the Tollan managed to evacuate their planet in personal space vessels, while most others perished on Tollana’s bombed-out surface. However, there were some who managed to survive in hidden caves below the surface of the planet. Stripped of their complex technology, existence became harsh and difficult for these survivors, but they learned to become resourceful and started working together in earnest to increase their chances of survival.

Linsensa was one of these few. While she wasn’t one of the physically toughest, she was able to organize her fellow Tollan to help each other survive. Of course, her medical skills made her invaluable. But more than that, she led some of these stalwarts as they managed to evade roving Jaffa warriors while making their way to the planet’s only stargate. Although the Ancients’ device had become buried under rubble, she was able to find it with her phase device. Then she and the other Tollan refugees were able to dig it out and reactivate the stargate. Their destination? P2X-3YZ -- Earth!

Once there, Linsensa did not just seek asylum like her fellow Tollan but asked to become a member of Stargate Command in 2002, too.  She wanted to atone for her people’s weaknesses in judgment and get revenge on the Goa’uld. The SGC were thrilled at the opportunity and accepted her application. Originally, she wanted to join SG-1 because of Dr. Jackson, but upon learning of his recent death ["Meridian"], she was willing to join any other team, instead. She underwent formal training and, upon completion, was assigned to Stargate Phoenix Site.


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