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Kari of Taldur

By noseharp
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Daughter of Linea and Hugh, both scientists.

Born on Taldur

Race human

Age 21


Brown eyes

Light brown hair

Height 5’ 3”

Birthday September 26

Kari just like her parents showed advanced understanding of biology, chemistry, and mathematics. She was so advanced that as she aged, her parents decided to educate her themselves, since they were more capable of teaching her than the schools. She didn’t have many friends because the air of arrogance that was associated with her intelligence and her parent’s. However, Kari was naturally shy and was eager to please and her main concern was to satisfy her curiosity and please her parents by exceling in the sciences that were so fascinating to her. Kari was most close to her father who was patient and compassionate. He encouraged Kari to not only study science, but also social sciences, religion, and ethics. Unfortunately, when Kari was 15 her father was killed, traveling home from a conference on a neighboring planet. The ship suffered a core breach resulting in 158 casualties. Linea had always been more cold and calculating than her husband. With his devastating death and his gentle hand no longer there to stay Linea’s ambition, she slowly became more obsessed with the unlimited power of science. Her failed attempts in her experiments were just building blocks to the next possible success, regardless of how many victims it required. There was no moral code or ethical boundaries now that her husband was gone. For three years Kari continued to work with her mother, but she felt that she could not fill the void that her father had left. She saw her mother slipping further and further into her own world. Kari became more and more uneasy with the experiments that her mother was performing. She would take so many unnecessary risks leaving animals, plants, and humans dead in her wake. As Linea was working on the virus that eventually would wipe out so many on her home world, Kari realized that she had to stop her mother before she went too far. However, Linea had eyes and ears everywhere, and before Kari could sabotage her work, Linea incarcerated Kari and put her in a chryo-stasus pod in one of her off world laboratories. Years later SG5 came across the lab and opened the pod. Kari told her story and was shocked to learn that her mother had in fact devastated whole worlds. After confirming her story with records in the lab’s data base they felt confident in Kari’s trustworthiness and desire to undo some of the damage that her mother had caused. Stargate command was elated to get such a bright young scientist. They permitted Kari to continue to study at stargate command and after 3 years of study under Samantha Carter and Dr Frazier, Kari was approved to be a member of the Phoenix team. Kari is trying to assert herself and become more confident in herself and her ideas. Friends and military hierarchy is still new to her, and she often feels intimidated. Sam and Dr Frazier were both strong roll models for her, and with each mission she is feeling stronger and more at ease. She secretly has a crush on Dr. Beckett. She hopes one day she will get a promotion and be able to go to the Atlantis expedition and work together with Dr. Beckett.

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