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Darrow[s] / Michael Vilar[h]

By JDLeaf
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Michael Vilar is a slight, unassuming man is his early 30s. He has brown eyes and thinning brown hair.  He learned to survive at a young age by becoming an accomplished thief.

Darrow is tolerant of very few people, including his host. His previous host Kerr, worked as a spy in the service of the Goa'uld Eris. It was while Michael was stealing control and information crystals from aboard Eris's ship that they met. Recognising the thief as a possible ally, he aided in the theft and tried to escape as well. A stray staff blast from pursuing Jaffa critically injured Kerr and Michael volunteered to act as a temporary host. After several days, the two realized that they worked well together and agreed to remain joined. 

When Michael is in control, he tends to slump and occasionally act the drunk (He is actually a careful drinker).  When Darrow is in control, he stands taller and will speak very fluently. Both tend to fiddle with small gadgets.




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