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Copy of Master Sergant Henry Schenkel

By trenchfootlarry
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  • Rank 3
  • Mission Points 12
  • Race Human
  • Class Classless
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The second born child of German immigrant parent  Rudolf and Margarete Schenkel , Henry Schenkel is a excellent asset for the phoenix site project. His familiarity with engineering , small arms tactics, and close air support will make him an asset for any team he is assigned to at the phoenix site

In short  Schenkel is a team player. Willing to put the  mission before ego. Prior to phoenix site his M.O.S. was 1c4x1 (tactical air control party). 

His service record in the Airforce is mostly without any blemishes. Serving admirably in the Grenada, The gulf war, Somalia, Bosnia , and Afghanistan Although there is a instance of blue on blue fire occurring during a fire mission that Schenkel called in  during his deployment . Schenkel was latter cleared of all wrong doing, but  3 soldiers were killed during this incident.  Due to this investigation period Schenkel was able to be approached for his involvement to the phoenix site. 

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