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Major Miller

By CraveMode
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Name: Ben Miller
Height: 5'11"
Build: Average
Noticeable Features:
Always wearing sunglasses, sometimes inside if the lights are bright enough. Refuses to shave his beard, his record will show he has claimed it is a "religious thing" when told he had to shave, but he has been heard he doesn't follow any religion.

The military has had the service of the "Millers" for generations. Nothing has changed with Ben, who grew up around the U.S. Military servicemen and servicewomen his entire life, living on several different bases through-out his childhood. Those who know of his previous missions might have heard the nickname "Mole King". A nickname given by those who knew of his service of infiltration of Middle Eastern terrorist cells living underground in disguise, always at the ready for any missions when called upon him to provide intel, retrieval, or rescue missions.

He was in the Air Force Special Forces and spent most of his service in a Counter Terrorism unit. After his team was ambushed due to "bad intel", they were captured and tortured. His second in command found Miller's dog tags and some other personal items that were left on a body that wasn't recognizable. They assumed he was killed. His team were able to escape, however, Miller was working on rescuing his team and planted the items to make the enemy believe he was dead. He did not count on his team being so good at what they do, but he had no way of communicating with them at the time. Finding out his team had escaped, he decided to stay behind, found a way to make contact with his superiors and was ordered to stay to continue infiltrating the cell. He uncovered secrets that eventually brought down the terrorist regime in that part of the middle east.

Due to his prolonged exposure to different chemicals and radiation in the underground tunnels of bomb crafters, nuclear scientist, and other terrorists who work with these materials, has caused Miller to develop Existential Photophobia. His eyes adjust to the dark better than any normal human can but he is sensitive to bright light. With his eyes being exposed from any protection, it was easier for particles to penetrate the membrane of the eyes and it caused him to develop molecular globules in the retina fluid which causes the light waves in the upper infrared spectrum to be visible. With radiated retina receptors, his eyes work in the same way night vision goggles work to see in the dark, except he can discern colors.

He was planning to retire after his service. As usual, his actions put him on the radar, he was approached by several departments and organizations to recruit him, such as the CIA, DOD, etc. He had no interest, except for one. He accepted an offer from the Air Force but only after he was told, "You've already served your country. Now you can serve your world." He is a sucker for cliches and he couldn't fathom going home doing nothing with such an intriguing and vague statement.


  1. +1 Firing Range

  2. Climate Protection Clothing

Episode Runs

    • Episode Number: 1.01
    • Tier: 1-4
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