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Arsen Eclipsedowl

By McKayRulez
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Arsen's History:

Arsen is the son of Karasu, who is the Leader of the House of Eclipsedowl. Arsen was brought up in a House dedicated to science and discovery, with his House mostly dedicated to finding new ways to aid in security, whether it be to help devise new ways for the House of Stars' off-world bases to remain hidden or help secure House Valingar’s secrets and safely store dangerous weapons technology.

After the Age of Awakening, Arsen would follow in his house's footsteps, doing research for the family's House as well as working as a security guard for the House of Valingar’s technological security research facilities to help strengthen the family's alliance and prove Eclipsedowl's commitment to The Great House of Steel and Stone.

Following the fall of The Gift, he did engineer work on the orbital defenses of Atura. When Phoenix Site needed members, Arsen joined.

Unlike most Aturens, Arsen didn’t spend much time outside in the planet's natural ecosystem, having grown up in Steel and Stone’s facilities. While much of Aturen’s technology is usually organic (with some plasma exceptions), Arsen felt more at home in artificial places made with the metals and ores that are secretly mined by the House of Stars. His lack of personal connection to Atura is another reason why Arsen didn’t care to leave it, as technology and learning is more of a driving force for him.

Once he was able to get his hands on alien technology for the first time (which was Jaffa and Goa’uld), he quickly started to tinker around. Wanting to know things from the inside out and know how to build his own.

He was assigned to Phoenix-5. He temporarily blended with the Tok'ra Leviathan of Phoenix-10 while Lev's host Ariadne was away at Area 51. He is available to temporarily host Lev whenever needed.

House info: Eclipsedowl:

Eclipsedowl is a name given to their house long ago originally by a group of disgruntled head Elders of the House, due to feeling like the rising Great Houses were eclipsing them and their brilliance. The lack of the fall of Ground and Sea after starting the Great war also felt unfair and disappointing that a house so destructive could retain its power and in fact, become the largest of the great houses. The Owl symbolizes both that their an intelligence-driven house and that they hope to soar above their insignificance and one day be respected and acknowledged. It also suggests their direct opposition to Ground and Sea as the Owl is a creature of neither, while the word Eclipsed can also show appreciation of the House of Stars. House Eclipsedowl has had ties to both Stars and Steel. Sort of sitting on a middle ground trying to carve out favor with both by both serving duty to Valingar in the security/technology side and actively supporting Stars with also research and technology from the spoils of their Exploration.


Purple hair, tall and skinny.





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