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Corpsman Morgan Garrett

By Thade
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Hospital Corpsman 2 (HM2 is an E5 in the Navy) is 25. Born and raised in Melbourne, FL. Morgan joined the Navy at 18 out of high school. During his time in service he has served aboard the an amphibious assault ship, the USS Wasp, and attached to the 2nd BN, 4th Marines, the Magnificent Bastards. 


HM2 Garrett always brings a laptop, external hard drive and as many CD-RW/DVD-RW on deployments as possible. He enjoys collecting music, movies, E-books, and "adult educational videos" from those he meets in his travels and will often trade media for media. His collection is affectionately referred to as The Great Library of Alexandria as he will try to borrow and rip any CD or DVD that he does not currently have. 

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