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By Maoumunguia
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  • Rank 4
  • Mission Points 15
  • Race Human (Abydonian)
  • Class Diplomat
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  1. Taken from Abydon at a young age to be a host for symbiote. Tattooed symbol of Khonsu onto right wrist. Son of God's host. Goal is revenge against Khonsu family. Taken in young, indoctrinated into becoming ultimate warrior. Candidates were promised their families freedom and prosperity if they were chosen to become hosts. His host had different agenda, and when he was selected; his whole family was brought before him and he was forced to slaughter them all. Filled with self hatred, trauma, and a need to save others from his suffering. Male, slender, athletic, looks to be in 30s, two dimples, hazel eyes, black hair, chiseled

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