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Logan Aidoni

By closetheiris
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  • Rank 2
  • Mission Points 9
  • Race Human
  • Class Diplomat
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Human from Washington D.C. who was taken as a host in place of their father, a soldier stationed on the Stargate project.  They'd come to visit and were caught up in a Stargate team adventure.  As a host, they were taken with prisoners from Tollan who also became hosts.  They were rescued by the Tok'Ra and the Tollan people and stuck with another former host.  They became a diplomat for the SGC after training in the hopes of helping the organization their father loves so dearly that showed them the stars.



  1. +1 Gym

  2. +1 Motorpool

  3. +2 to CON saves to avoid exhaustion from hot environments

  4. Heroes of Season 1 Unlock

  5. Minos Race Unlock

  6. Phoenix's Blessing Unlock

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