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Odyssey was born to a lunar world called Lonerth, a world whose technology had progressed to the point of matching Earth. The world had been in the service and control of the Goa'uld Morrigan. The culture itself was Celtic and while they followed Morrigan they also believed in other Celtic gods and goddesses. Odyssey had been in the service of the palace as one would call a high priestess very well respected.

Odyssey was born with one bright Amber eye and one green eye, alabaster skin and dark black hair. She was chosen to serve as a priestess due to her unique eye color along with her family being well respected.

Morrigan herself had kept this moon secret from the rest of her controlled land and after having lost a battle to Heru'ur she had fled to Lonerth. Seeing as she needed to lay low she changed hosts and the host she happened to select was Odyssey herself. At first Odyssey thought it was an honor having been raised and taught that the Goa'uld we're gods. But it was soon clear that this was no honor.

Odyssey, now that she was the host of Morrigan, was aware of what was going on even if she could not control her own body anymore. She was forced to watch a number of atrocities, executions among them. And as Morrigan was laying low for centuries allowing herself to fall out of the spotlight.

Odyssey as she now knew that the Goa'uld were not gods she would begin to learn new things. But over the years she seemed to lose herself. And she was unsure where she stopped and where her tormentor Morrigan began. She could remember looking up at the stars and loving them and as she would look away from the darker things happening she would look through Morrigan's knowledge of the stars.

Everything was a blur over the years memories, personality interests that when Morrigan moved back into a host which looked most similar to what she used to look like Morrigan left, Odyssey didn't know how to really react or want to think.

Suddenly she was by herself, no second mind or set of memories just herself now in control of the planet she grew up on posing as Morrigan. It just seemed natural but also she knew she needed to leave before anyone found out.

It seemed lady luck was on her side as after some time she met Eoin and she began to form a plan. They needed to create chaos so she tasked Eoin to start a rebellion which he did and as the fighting and chaos began and then reached the palace Eoin and Odyssey were already off the planet.

They then would world hop a few times before coming across the body of a fallen SG member who happened to have what looked like a remote control on him (GDO) and adhered to the device was a paper with a code and instructions. There was a Stargate address which seemed to stick out in her mind which she dialed and using the device she and Eoin found along with the note and code they stepped through the Stargate and were met by the business end of several guns. Odyssey had forgotten that she was still fully adorned in the attire of a system lord kara'kesh and all.


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