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Hit Points: You gain +8 additional HP.
Ability Score Increase: Choose either Intelligence
or Wisdom to improve by +2.
Proficiencies: You are proficient in Science plus
an additional skill of your choice.
You add a phase device to your base kit.
Whenever you make an Engineering Check to
discern the function of technology with a Tech
level of 4 or higher, you add +TD to the check.

Your entire life was within a created environment,
such as a space station, underground facility, or
bio-dome. You are practical and careful, because
you understand artificial environments intuitively.
Attribute: Wisdom +1
Life or Death Repairs: You gain advantage on
engineering checks made when failure would deal
damage or endanger your life (such as repairing
an airlock before it fails or diffusing a bomb).

From the first wheelmaker to expert repair
technicians, the wright fills a vital role in any
civilization. Regardless of your people’s level of
technological advancement, you’ve learned to
approach problems in a pragmatic matter and are
quick to learn new mechanical concepts.
Bonus Proficiency: Engineering
Measure Twice: You gain half your Proficiency
bonus on ability checks with tools you are not
proficient in.


Class Features
As an Engineer, you gain the following class
Hit Points at 1st level: 8
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 5 per level
Hit Die: d8
Determination Points: +2
Armor: Light
Weapons: Common weapons, Sidearms,
Tools: Engineering Kit, Explosives, Fabrication Kit
Saving Throws: Dexterity and Intelligence
Skills: Engineering, Pilot, Perception
You add an Engineering kit to your base kit (see
page 58).
You are an expert at field repairs, even when
you have to get creative. When you use an
engineering kit to repair a machine you heal
2d8 points of damage instead of 2d6.
In addition, you may repair an adjacent machine
as an action rather than only during a short rest.
You don’t just fix and maintain your equipment
– you’ve also made some special modifications
that enhance the effectiveness of you and your
team’s gear. Choose one modification feat (see
page 99) at 1st level and another modification
feat at 3rd and 5th level.
At 2nd level, when you benefit from cover, you
gain resistance to the damage of attacks hindered
by that cover.

Engineer Features
Level Features
1 Jury Rig, 1st Modification
2 Hold Together, Whack-It
3 Tune-Up, 2nd Modification
4 Broad Spectrum Scanners,
Ability Score Improvement
5 Xeno-Tech Specialist, 3rd

At 2nd level, you’ve learned the time-honored
technique of a well placed thump. As a bonus
action you can give one adjacent machine +1d6
temporary hit points. If this brings the machine’s
HP to above half its normal HP, it begins to
function immediately. You may only maintain
these temporary HP on one machine at a time.
At 3rd level, you add your Intelligence modifier
to the amount repaired whenever you repair a
machine or grant a machine temporary HP.
At 4th level, you can use Intelligence instead of
Wisdom when making Perception Checks.
At 4th level, you can increase your Dexterity
or Intelligence by +2, or you can increase two
ability scores of your choice by +1. As normal,
you can’t increase an ability score above 20 using
this feature.
Starting at 5th level, you have gained a broad
understanding of various technologies alien to
your home world. When performing an episode
R&D encounter, you may use this out-of-the-box
thinking to reduce the time required by one stage
(minutes requires rounds, hours requires minutes,
and so on). In addition, you gain advantage on
any ability check to understand the function and
design of a technology with which you are not
already familiar.

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