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Arik Ranrike

By spectregrimm
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Born in the Houston, Texas to Danish born parents. He was raised in America after his parents filed for dual citizenship between Denmark and the United States. He went to High School and joined the Houston ISD JROTC program in the United States Marine Corps JROTC Program. Where he excelled and ended up in his senior year as valedictorian at Klein  High School in 2001. While in College he was at a Coffee Shop on the way to class when he saw the Twin Towers collapse. There he went to the recruiters office and enlisted into the USMC Corps as a 0323, Reconnaissance Marine, Parachute Qualified. He was deployed to Afghanistan in 2002 and went to BUD/S when he returned 18 months later. After successful completion of it. He was deployed to Operation Valiant Resolve (First Battle of Fallejuah he was then pulled from his SEAL team and sent to Cheyenne Mountain to undergo training. Where he was initially passed up to join the SG Teams before returning to his unit. He was pulled into Phoenix.

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