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Laverna Zikei

By PsychoTerror
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Born on the planet of Tollana to a very tech-specialized family Laverna grew up learning the trade from her father.  At the early age of 7, she had already begun writing her coding programs into various devices. She would be enrolled in a prestigious school for those that were known to be great talents. Ascending to the top of her class she would be rivaled by only her best friends. Who crushed all competition as a group, always looking for the next challenge. After graduating as valedictorian, she moved on with her friends to be hired into Tollan's military tech creation branch. Just as she and her bonded pack had reached their life goals together, the Outcast System Lord Anubis and his Goa'uld would attack. Forcing them to start a project they never wanted to create that would fail in the end. With the destroyed weapons Anubis's Goa'uld would attack and force Tollan off their new home-world. Laverna lost her family and friends during the fall of Tollana but she was kept safe by their sacrifice. Due to her high intelligence and skills as an engineer, she would be allowed to join the SGC and become a member of the Phoenix Site. Her aim is to one day be able to avenge those that were killed because of the Outcast System Lord.

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