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Rowan Grey

By Rovan
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Rowan Grey is an intergalactic diplomat in the Star Gate universe. Born on the vibrant planet of Tollana, Rowan is highly intelligent and has a strong sense of justice. As a young person growing up on Tollana, Rowan quickly gained a reputation as a skilled debater and negotiator, and her skill only increased as she rose through the ranks of the Star Gate diplomatic corps.

Rowan is a decent, fair-minded individual, who often prefers to resolve a dispute through constructive dialogue. Despite her somewhat easy-going demeanor, when a cause is near and dear to her heart, Rowan has no qualms about taking a strong stance and drawing a line in the sand when needed.
Rowan is a respected leader in the diplomatic community due to her ability to bridge differences and craft creative solutions to seemingly intractable conflicts. Her ability to bring parties to the negotiating table has been crucial in resolving several high-profile disputes over the past few years, and her diplomatic career is only getting brighter. In her free time, Rowan enjoys reading, playing music, and spending time with her cat.

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