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Evan Royce

By TexasRngr19
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SB2 (SW/EXW) Evan Royce is a California native growing up in the deserts of Death Valley. He joined the U.S. Navy at 19 contracting for Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman (SWCC) out of San Diego. Royce would finish his pipeline and be stationed with SBT 3 in Coronado, CA where he would take part of several operations. Later being sent to Marine Corps Scout Sniper and Ranger school he would become the teams Designated Marksman. During his time he would earn the nick name E.R. but because of his medical skills, rather his ability to fill trauma bays with enemy combatants. His ability to conduct guerrilla warfare became infamous among his fellow boat teams. On a joint training op with Air Force TAC-Ps in Colorado near the Cheyenne Mountains his team was put into action against a Gou'ald attack from Anubis that originated from the external portions of the complex. SB2 Royce's team picked up the attack messages from SGC security forces and sprung into action. After assisting in repealing the attackers SB2 Royce and company were debrified by National Intelligence Defense (NID) agents. All present members were recommended by Gen. Hammond to be placed in the SGC. SB2 Royce refused initially but eventually joined on the request of his CO CDR Fredrick's who told him,"Evan your skills are keeping you from moving up but i think joining a new program might be the jump you need to make break through your walls." Now a member of the SGC Royce was stationed at the new Phoenix base waiting to be assigned to a team.

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