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Captain Lorenz Schmidt

By Banjo-String
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Lorenz Schimdt grew up in germany. Unlike many of the military men of the stargate program, Lorenz studied chemical engineering and mathematic at the Technical University of Munich.; studying and completing a masters in nitrate processes. After finishing his schooling he joined the German police force as a explosive specialist, educating operators on how to manufacture and disarm explosives. This measly role of educator was not enough for Mr. Schmidt as he took to the field as a simple police officer and volunteering for the emergency response teams. About a year after converting as a field agent, he was swept up by GSG-9 and operated with them for the remaining 5 years of his contract. At 27, he returned to school and worked on his doctorate regarding electro-chemical conversions. During this process is when he got swept up by the stargate program. While a foreign national, he was damned good at what he did and was given American citizenship and DOD clearance relevant to the stargate program. Here, he will go on his first mission with the team "FR-1".

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