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Briea Lyn Miller / Tar'an

By johnsterkai
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Briea was an engineer for an offworld mission that was supposed to be safe, cut and dry. but gate missions are never that easy. on a muddy swamp planet where her job was to maintain the equipment in the harsh water logged conditions, a creature that wasn't previously detected, attacked and devastated the mission site, Eva being one of the few survivors. upon arriving to the SGC she was on the brink of death, and was paralyzed from the waist down. Enter Tar'an, a newly matured Tok'ra symbiote that was unable to find a host. Briea volunteered to become Tar'an's host, and within a few weeks was back on her feet. at first their relationship was tentative, and slightly reluctant on Eva's side, until they met on common ground, their love of technology and engineering. they quickly became a tech duo, Briea the mastermind of engineering, and Tar'an the mastermind behind technology, and when the position on Phoenix site was offered to them, they took it without hesitation.

Notes: Briea still retains an abnormal walking pace from the short time she couldn't use her legs. Briea and Tar'an also frequently bond over sharing their own cultures with each other. it would also be easy to mistake the two voices as being a couple, but the verdict is still out, as they will not confirm nor deny it to anyone who asks.

Personality and descriptions:

Briea: Briea can easily be described as a nerd, in a very endearing way, she's also very kind, and will often put others over her own life. She very rarely talks to anyone about what happened to her on that mission, and has some level of anxiety/panic issues relating to it. Much like many minds assigned to the stargate program, she's brilliant in her field, but is often anxious about her work or modest to a fault

Tar'an: Tar'an is the more reserved one of the two, carrying a lot of the respectful and quiet mannerisms of his kind, but share's Briea's love of technology and Engineering and on rare occasions can be known to "geek out". Tar'an will often stand up for Briea, and is the counter to her modesty, making sure she doesn't discredit herself


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