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David Ramirez /Zakros

By Marco
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Raised in Santa Cruz, Califoria, David Ramirez became a USAF survival instructor. He joined the Stargate Program and was stationed on a remote planet on an outpost by an Ancients' archeological site. Raiders attacked, critically injuring David. Most of the host body of a Tok'ra named Zakros was also destroyed. David found the idea of symbiosis disturbing, but decided it was a better choice than both of them dying. Everyone else perished in the attack. 

Zakros is an anthropologist with substantial medical knowledge. He's young and feels a duty to survive due to his race's tiny population but wants to prove himself to his Tok'Ra elders. He considers this symbiosis a test of his worth. He has been sheltered due to his elders' protectiveness. Zakros admits some humans may be intelligent and capable, but thinks of most as primitive, or at best backward and unsophisticated. He's a bit pedantic and doesn't like breaking rules.

 David suffers from survivor's guilt. He's still not fully comfortable about symbiosis with Zakros, whom David refers to, with a bit of irony, as his "new alien amigo." His military superiors like David's improved physical abilites and being able to study the long-term effects of symbiosis. They see an effective symbiosis as good for human-Tok'Ra relations and a failed one as a diplomatic problem.

Zakros' attitude towards humans, his pedantic streak, and his stronger respect for authority and David's more laid-back personality and lingering discomfort with being a host sometimes put them at odds. Their superiors sometimes wonder if the two will really cooperate when it counts.

David is 25, 6'4", muscular, dark haired, dark eyed, and has a natural tan. Before his enlistment, David worked at his family's Mexican restaurant and gave swimming lessons. His father and uncle taught him to fish and David grew up surfing, swimming, boating, and sometimes camping or hiking.






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  1. +1 Firing Range

  2. Climate Protection Clothing

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    • Episode Number: 1.01
    • Tier: 1-4
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